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trico13 years ago
Do you think you could somehow put up the pattern for your thrift shop hat, please?
katvanlew (author)  trico12 years ago
I'm sorry I'm just now getting back to you, just now saw this. The thrift shop hat is made from another one, so to get a pattern the old hat has to be taken apart at the seams. Also, you will need the plastic that is inside the brim. The key is to find an old hat that suits your style but maybe the pattern isn't pretty or it's old and faded. Either way, take it apart and use the pieces for the pattern.
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shazni3 years ago
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Thanks so much for following! You have some great stuff that I can definitely learn from here! I'm excited to be engaged with you and am hoping to get a few more videos up soon too! Steph :)
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