Picture of Pencil Trick
Here is a fun trick me and my brother made up:

The way it works: When someone is using the pencil and tries to erase with it the eraser will draw, scribbling on their page, It works really well!

You'll need two pencils
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Step 1:

Picture of
First, break the lead out of one of the pencils. Then, shove the lead piece into the eraser of the other pencil so its barely showing.

Step 2:

After that give the pencil to somebody and wait til they have to erase something and see how frustrated they get.

Ask if you have any questions


Nice trick. It is a good one.

Flash675 months ago
Troll. I must admit this is a good trick;) keep it up
Tigerlynx2 years ago
Ahaha this is a good one :D I tried it and then he got told of by the teacher ^-^
(removed by author or community request)
that wasn't cool man it was his best drawing
I didn't know that time
Aw, poor kid! Haha, funny though
Good one!
heathbar643 years ago
If you want to really frustrate a pencil user, just flex the pencil enough to break the lead into small pieces without breaking the wood part. Now every time the lead will break off and when they go to sharpen it, it will break off again and again.
catman03214 years ago
make som more prank lol good prank
good idea... thx :)
ChromeEagle5 years ago
i did this to my cousin (artist) and he ruined his drawing :( he got really mad...

tee hee hee ;0)
Arikiko5 years ago
Just saying, this generally works better with a pacer lead. They're thinner and less obvious, but a little harder to push in without it breaking.
krowii5 years ago
pie popper5 years ago
i luv it!