Perfect Oreo Dunk





Introduction: Perfect Oreo Dunk

There have been a number of instructables showing blue-prints of very interesting inventions that dunk cookies. I decided to make this instructable to show a simple technique to show how simple this process can be. Since oreos are the only cookie worth eating these days, you only need to figure out a way to dunk an oreo. If by some strange chance you prefer another cookie over an oreo, I'm afraid this technique probably won't work for dunking.

Step 1: Supplies

You will need:

1. a cup of milk with an opening larger then the cookie
2. a fork
3. a bag of double stuffed oreo.

Step 2: Preperation

Remove one oreo from the bag and place it on the fork as shown in the image below.

Step 3: Dunk

Place the fork with the cookie attached into the cup of milk. Wait until desired amount of milk has absorbed into the cookie.

Step 4: Enjoy

Now the fun part...eating the cookie.

mmmmmmmmm....there is nothing like a perfectly dunked oreo cookie. Just don't eat to many, it may cause you to be sick and that is not good eats at all.

See, dunking a cookie doesn't require a bunch of crazy contraptions. The KISS method is all you need to know.



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    Aww my little brother looked similar to that when he took his poopie diaper off and smeared it on his face -_- it sucked cleaning that stuff off

    why did he do that????????????

    I'm sorry I have never heard that acronym before.

    i disagree with this technique because 1) double stuffed oreos are just not thew same as regulars. 2) Forks are not for dunking! 3) dont be a female organ n use a fork . grow up!!!!!!!! 4) you have to be old school! thank you, Hall of famer 0reo dunker.

    double stuffed oreos... yeah, they're not the same, they're much better. or at least i think so, but i guess you dont, which is ok too i guess. the type of oreos that are the worst though are the reduced fat kind. there is almost no stuffing and the cookie parts aren't crisp enough... so if forks are not for dunking, is there a peice of silverware that is?

    why does using utensils make you a "female organ"?