Build your very own Personal Drone System. Otherwise know as, "Me and My Predator".

I'm an Artist in Residence at Instructables.com, this is my first finished project created during my residency. I've created a completely autonomous, analog drone that attaches to your head.

You can't see it when you turn your head, but you know it is there!

Feeling insecure? Looking for that extra bit of protection? Do you want to feel what it is like to live under droned skies? Well this project is for you!

If you like this project or are curious about what else I do, visit my website here: http://www.delappe.net

Step 1: Supplies...

Supplies for this project:

1) Predator Drone model. I picked up an Italeri 1/72 scale model off of ebay. I chose to build the model as highly realistic as possible (I was a model building geek as a kid). Feel free to build it and just paint it grey, or, print out a small predator drone on a 3D printer as in the photo of the white one above. You just need a small drone, this one has a wingspan of about 8" and is very light - you definitely want your drone to be as light as possible!

2) 3/4 aluminum flat bar - bought a 36" piece at Home Depot.

3) A selection of 1/4" socket cap screws, two for the head clamps, one for keeping the rod in place, length for the head clamps depends on the size of your head.

4) 1/8th inch carbon fiber rod. Ok, you don't need a carbon fiber rod but it is really cool to have an art project with a carbon fiber rod (just saying). I bought mine locally at Tap Plastics. You can also use a 1/8th inch aluminum rod but this will be heavier.

5) A small piece 1/4" thick grey felt and adhesive backed velcro strips.

6) A small scrap of Delrin plastic for the piece that attaches the rod to the headband.

7) Door stop replacement caps and two 1/4" screw caps.


I had access to an amazing woodshop/metal shop at Instructables.com - you should be able to do this project with the following tools however:

1) Hand drill (a drill press is preferable).

2) Vertical belt sander and bench grinder.

3) Tap and Die set.

4) Hack saw or other metal cutting saw.

5) Work gloves.

6) Scissors.

7) Flexible tape measure.

Why not make a flying model? This one only takes 20 minutes. https://www.instructables.com/id/Personal-Predator-Drone
<p>wtf, how is this a drone? this is very miscatagorized, don't name it a &quot;Personal drone system&quot; if you glue it to your hat, that isn't a drone.</p>
You can always made a Quadcopter look like a predator. Mine only took me 20 minutes. https://www.instructables.com/id/Personal-Predator-Drone
<p>You don't see a drone? Funny, I don't either...</p>
<p>wtf, how is this a drone? this is very miscatagorized, don't name it a &quot;Personal drone system&quot; if you glue it to your hat, that isn't a drone.</p>
You can just build a mini Quadcopter one. https://www.instructables.com/id/Personal-Predator-Drone
<p>remove this please</p>
<p>I think it is a fantastic political statement. If you don't get that...then you are just another non-thinking American zombie &quot;drone.&quot;</p><p>Mr. Delappe...what have been the reactions from people in public when they see this drone hovering over your head? I'm curious to know what passers-by think or how they respond.</p>
<p>speechless!!!!! </p>
<p>there is a be nice policy, so I'll just say nothing.....</p>
<p>This is a great design for a lightning rod :p</p><p>I'd use a 1/87 scale diecast version of the drone <u>if</u> I could suspend it magnetically, using magnets in a ball cap.</p><p>Alas, I don't think it's possible!</p>
<p>Revell used to make &quot;Magic Flight&quot; 1/72 model planes (these can turn up on Ebay etc), invisibly held up by a magnet, and stabilised by invisible threads, so this could certainly be done. The principle is simple: a large ring magnet repels the same pole of a small magnet fixed in the plane. However, the ring magnet is quite heavy, so you would need to design a well padded cap.</p><p>But the principle is entirely sound. Repeat repeatedly for your favourite helicopters, birds, insects, flying saucers, allow your mind to boggle. This well could catch on in certain circles.</p><p>Special effect 1: paint the underside of the aircraft with green and red fluorescent paint dots for the navigation lights, illuminated by an upward-pointing UV LED on the cap.</p><p>Special effect 2: fit a small speaker and signal generator in the cap to make occasional droning noises. All your friends will now admire (or totally avoid) you.</p>
<p>Now you need to get your Instructable buddies to install a raspberry pi wi-fi video.</p>
<p>would be cool if you could mount a really small cam on the drone</p>
<p>I have no nice positive thoughts on it, so my comment is blank :)</p>
No it isnt
<p>I love it! Bravo, delappe!</p>
<p>I don't get it</p>
<p>What about a webcam on it ?... and a T-Shirt &quot;Smile ! You are being droned&quot; ?</p>
<p>I would have used Photoshop to remove the rod</p>
<p>The rod is gone. click to see the whole image</p>
<p>This + video camera + bluetooth + smartphone = We can all be Mario</p>
Haha this is funny! i was quite dissapointed when i clicked the thumbnail though, the headline is somewhat misleading, i thought this was an instructable on making an actual autonomous drone that would be capable og following you...
<p>Look up the 3DR IRIS, you'll have a good time</p>
<p>wait... what is the point of wearing this thing on your head? i don't get it</p>
<p>Anytime he takes a selfie it looks like a drone is either watching over him to keep him safe or it's spying on him.</p>
<p>ahaha I guess the jokes isn't your type of humor.. but he has his own personal drone... drones seem to be all the rage these days... I think the idea is pretty clever. </p>
<p>It's art. There's a point somewhere... or not...</p>
<p>He actually says so in the beginning of the instructable:</p><p>&quot;Feeling insecure? Looking for that extra bit of protection? Do you want <br>to feel what it is like to live under droned skies? Well this project is <br> for you!&quot;</p>
<p>Funny Instructable. Good to see something simple and humorous. Simpler, lighter weight predator drone model is available here:</p><p></p><p>http://www.fiddlersgreen.net/models/Aircraft/Predator-RQ1.html</p><p>It is a printable card model. I have no connection to the site other than being a customer and modeler for many years. They have hundreds of card models in many categories.</p>
<p>Haha ; good idea : I like it !:</p>
<p>Great art can be both deep and humorous.</p>
<p>next time try to wear a helmet. It would be more careful than this drone.....lol....Ok now no offence! Add some navigation led lights and maybe a button camera</p>
<p>Now this is rather funny...!!!</p><p>I am not sure you intended it to be funny but thanks for the laugh...!!!!!!!!!!</p><p>Sorry if your insulted.... but it really hit my funny bone with this....!</p>
<p>I'm from Pakistan, the most affected country by USA's drones' attacks. ...</p><p>you can hide the road as much as possible with head.. rotate your face upward and only some part of drone stay visible can make it intersting..</p>
Hello,<br>Take a look at my website, there are several other projects dealing with drones - including memorials to the civilian deaths of drone strike victims in Pakistan. http://www.delappe.net<br><br>I don't mind the rod being visible - we think of drones as magically floating in the sky above foreign nations we wish to bomb - somehow detached from us in the US - the rod actually makes physical our direct connection to these devices being used in our name. Peace to you. -Joseph
I want one...I think.
<p>this is PERFECT if you are planning on using the insanity plea! lol</p>
<p>I liked the title. Loved the idea. I would photoshop or paste in my face though and skip the steps. Then email a few friends and say that it follows me occasionally and this was last week. My friends wouldn't be surprised.</p>
<p>i wonder if you could use an acrylic rod to make it seem less visable. </p>
Yeah, I thought the same thing, acrylic rods are far too flexible though, they bounced. -joseph
I also found the title misleading. Even scanned through the write up because I just wanted to make sure.
<p>A good gift for some us americans ...</p>
Haha I see what u did there..

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