Petticoats are a must-have for giving your skirt more body and volume. This tutorial can easily be customized to virtually any length skirt and could even be worn alone as a peasant skirt.

Step 1: What You Will Need

You will need the following supplies: Fabric I needed about 5 yards of cotton fabric for my project, but you may need less if your petticoat will be shorter or less full. Experiment with different types of fabric to get different textures and results. Ribbon or cord This is for the waistband, so you’ll need the circumference of your the widest part of your hips, plus about 6 extra inches. I used much more, in a bright color, to help it show up in the pictures. Elastic This is also for the waistband. I did not have this on hand, so it is not in my tutorial, however I will include a step for it. The elastic should be slightly longer than the circumference of where the petticoat will sit on your waist. Measuring tape This will help with figuring all of your necessary dimensions. Tailors chalk Tailors chalk, fabric marker, or any type of fabric pencil that can easily wash off. Thread It goes without saying, but I’d suggest it being the same color as your fabric. Sewing machine

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