Phone Book Snare Practice Pad





Introduction: Phone Book Snare Practice Pad

Make a snare drum practice pad for free out of a phone book!  I used clear packing tape to

tape the phone book shut on all four sides.  Then I made a square "strike zone" out of

masking tape. Next I covered the whole thing with more clear tape.  I laid this on the arm of

my couch to practice. It wanted to slide around so I used two tape loops to stick a piece of 36

grit sandpaper to the back. Now it stays put.



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Does this work well enough (i.e. is there enough tension on the top) to practice double stroke rolls and the likes?

Yes, but tension not required. Practice on a pillow for best results. 15 minutes, two or three times a day, after a couple months you'll definitely see improvement. If you can do doublestrokes on a pillow, you're the tops. Don't count on the bounce, develop your wrists, and gain speed slowly. Learn the rudiments inside out, and if you're right handed, work your left twice as much.