Picture of Piggy Bank from Water Bottle
Why pay money to buy a piggy bank? When the purpose is to save money, save money in a free piggy bank. This is a really easy project to do and will take about 5 to 10 minutes of your time.

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Step 1: Mark Slot on Cap

Picture of Mark Slot on Cap
First make a mark on the cap using a ruler and marker to determine the location where to make a slot.

Step 2: Cut Slot In Cap

Picture of Cut Slot In Cap
Cut the slot using a dremel. One can use a hot knife to cut through the plastic (if dremel is not available).

Ensure that the cut is wide and long enough to put bills as well as coins.

Step 3: Make Decoration / Designs Using Permanent Marker.

Picture of Make Decoration / Designs Using Permanent Marker.
Beautify the bottle using a permanent marker.

Step 4: Start Collecting Money

Picture of Start Collecting Money
Start saving money in the new piggy bank
well it saves money!
Berserk876 years ago
that dosn't look very refreshing at all...