A gas bottle wood burner, since this instructable I was destined to make one myself. More than a year I'm thinking of this to be a project for me. I got myself the promise of a gas bottle as soon as it was empty. The promised gas bottle however, doesn't want to be emptied, it hasn't been used for years and probably won't be used for months. Then, all of a sudden I found a gas tank from something, a car, a forklift or something like that. The owner wanted to make a new barbecue out of it because his old barrel barbecue was broken. So before I could start I made him the barbecue. Why me?, this way I could get hold of both ends of the bottle instead off two half ends. That is how my adventure started.

So now I got myself two bottle-ends and one half tube which fitted in between. I welded most of it together to become one bottle again, ready to be made into a wood burner. Since my 'research' was already a long time before, I did some new research to know exactly what I wanted to make. That was when I found a picture of a gas bottle wood burner on its side. Some mindspinning seconds later I wanted to make my own special wood burner. Not a simple standing or lying gas bottle wood burner, not an overly complex but most awesome Bender sculpture. No, my wood burner would be my little piggy friend.

Welcome to the creation of my version of the gas bottle wood burner. I hope you all enjoy it and that I have given some of you good idea's to make an original version yourself. In this instructable I won't give a full description on how to weld properly to get the best results. I will just explain what choices I made to get to this result, together with pictures for visualization. Since I didn't make many pictures during the build most of the pictures will be of the (unpainted) finished burner.

Step 1: Materials

  • Gas bottle of some sort.
  • Bolts/nuts, used for door/ventilation hinges, nose.
  • Scrap metal, used for legs, door-parts, chimney-parts, face, grill, hinge, lock, etc.
  • Chimney, mine was constructed of an old ventilation shaft.
  • Heat resisting paint.
  • A bit of imagination, without it no cool stove.

  • MIG welder.
  • Angle grinder.
  • Radio, to be able to listen to music to sing along with.
<p>Everyone should have a pig wood burning heater. Everybody!</p><p>An idea came to me: Weld a plate to the top so you can make warm beverages to enjoy while you work in your warm shop.</p>
<p>Very cool. So is it a smoker or grill? Or just a way to burn some wood???</p>
<p>It's a heater, once I got myself a workshop I will use this heater there, but there still is a change I will make something so I can put cook on top of it as well.</p>
<p>Perhaps a shallowish metal pan (like a &quot;Razorback&quot;) to hold some water? For the humidifying effect? Maybe a &quot;designated coffee pot &amp; cup warmer &quot;</p>
<p>Nice instructable. I noticed that you were burning particle board. Really bad stuff, glues, resins, etc. in particle board. Not a good thing to burn.</p>
<p>I had a little bit of it left so I put it in the burner to get rid of it. Normally I only use old pallets, logs and garden waste like branches and so on.</p>
<p>I have an old &quot;empty&quot; 40 g horizontal bottle/tank that would be good for such a project. The big thing that concerns me is the danger of residual gas in the bottle exploding if I attempted to cut it. </p>
<p>Hi, there are a lot of instructables out here on how to make these things. Some of them explain how to empty a gas bottle properly so the change of cathing fire and so on is minimized. I didn't do it myself due to the state of my tank but here is a small description of how it could be done:</p><ul><li>Open valve so the last gas can escape, maybe even up side down.<li>Remove valve, so even more gas can escape.<li>Fill the bottle with water and empty it a couple of times, this should remove the last gas.<li>Cut your tank.</ul><p>Still make sure its save what you do, because I'm no expert and have no experience in this.</p>
<p>wonderful design, great use of materials... how do you cut the tankopen without blowing yourself up?</p>
<p>This tank wasn't pressurized, when I found it, it had several measure gauges and stuff, but most of them were already out. So there was no real change of explosion.</p>
Aloha Omigos I LOVE IT!!!
This is awesome! Nice build
<p>Very nice design!</p>
<p>de jouwe is mooier dan die van Bender</p>

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Bio: I'm a mechanical engineer in the Eindhoven region. In my spare time I like to make random stuff, both usefull and especially useless.
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