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An excellent sun protection. Easy to make, and very comfortable.


SpringR (author)2014-08-13

This project really looks so lovely. I made mine using light and dark yellow shade (darker for the popcorn stitches). Here's the link of my project:

I didn't follow the materials suggested which obviously, I think, made the finished project saggy and bouncy. Then I read your suggestion on how to stiffen it. I will definitely try that! Thanks!

By the way, can I use wheat flour instead of cornstarch? How many spoons of flour did you use?

canida (author)2008-07-21

Looks gorgeous! What pattern did you use? And do you need to starch it to keep the shape?

jelenamitic77 (author)canida2008-07-21

Thank you very much. The pattern is from and it's called Pineapple Suite Hat. I had to starch it really, really hard to keep the shape firm but I advise you to make the brim smaller. For stiffening I cooked flour and some sugar with water.

canida (author)jelenamitic772008-07-22

Neat, thanks! And while it may seem obvious, I've never thought about making my own starch for such things. That would be a great Instructable on its own... ;)

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