Picture of Pink Converse High Top Costume
Follow along to create your Converse High Top Costume

Step 1: Purchase your material

Picture of Purchase your material
Purchase your materials and get your sowing machine out.
michael631 year ago
vonthab (author)  michael631 year ago
Merci. :)
bob30301 year ago
Very cool, sewers (people with sewing skills not the drain.) were makers before being a "Maker" was cool. Great job and thanks for posting!
vonthab (author)  bob30301 year ago
I can stich a seam but can't spell worth a darn. ;)
I love it!!
vonthab (author)  pipsbabydoll1 year ago
Thanks babydoll!
Luv2Draw1 year ago
This is flippin' awesome!!!!
vonthab (author)  Luv2Draw1 year ago
Wow, thank you for the postive and first comment. It's been a hit with her fellow classmates.