Holding hands can be weird. What's another way you can invite someone to connect?

Pinky Linkers are physical devices that allow two people who might not know each other very well to experience a physical bond. They are customized to reflect both the size of each individual's pinky as well as how close each person feels to the other.

This version of the Pinky Linkers was prototyped and tested with the Pier 9 Artist-in-Residence cohort in March 2016. Thanks to all the AIRs and Pier 9 staff that contributed data and played the linking game!

Step 1: Measure the Pinkies

First you will need to measure the pinky fingers of the people you would like to link. Pinky sizes can vary, even on the same person, so I recommend measure one person's LEFT pinky and the other person's RIGHT pinky.

While you could do this with calipers or measuring tape, it just so happens that there are handy tools especially meant for measuring ring size. Some of them consist of strips of paper that you can print out to make a measuring tool.

I used this one: http://images.zales.com/images/popups/zales_ringsi...

But you can also just search for "printable ring sizing tool" and see what comes up.

Ultimately you want to translate the ring size for both pinkies back into the diameter measurement in millimeters. We'll be using these numbers soon...

<p>Training wheels for holding hands?</p><p>Well done!</p>

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