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From the second I saw this paper pixel trash can I fell in love with it and I knew that I wanted to make a real life model.

I love working with wood, because I grew up on a lumber yard and now that I'm living in a city I really miss the smell of it. Piece by piece I am equipping my cellar room, so that I'm able to make what ever I like.

Step 1: Material and Tools

Picture of Material and Tools

  • wood 1.5 cm thick (I've used plywood because it was easier for me to get)
  • paint (3 different types of gray)
  • wood filler (putty knife)
  • wood glue
  • primer
  • masking tape
  • screws (20 mm long)
  • circular saw bench
  • scroll saw
  • belt sander
  • drill
  • ruler
  • paint brush
  • clamps
  • protection: working gloves, safety glasses, ear protection

Step 2: Sawing

Picture of Sawing

You can of course build the trash can entirely out of wooden blocks, but I wouldn't suggest it, considering the work to cut them.

Make sure, that you now what you are doing and don't hurt yourself!

The first picture (higher resolution) shows the template of the pieces you will have to saw. I made them by cutting rectangles, marking the corners with a pencil and cutting them out with a scroll saw.

In order to saw the lid and bottom I drew a grid on the wood, as shown in the fifth picture.

Step 3: Filling and Priming

Picture of Filling and Priming

Now you will have to sand all the pieces. If you are working with plywood you should use a wood filler, to fill the holes.

Priming is important when you are working either with MDF or plywood, because the edges won't take a good and even coat of paint. In order to get a good result you should prime the wood more than once and sand in between the layers.

Step 4: Painting

Picture of Painting

In the pictures you can see how I've painted my trash can. Those are of course only suggestions, if you don't like them, just paint it however you would like it to look like. Don't make it to complicated though, because it takes some time to paint all the pieces.
Masking tape helps a lot in order to get nice straight lines.

Step 5: Assembling

Picture of Assembling

Picture one shows the basics of the assembly for one side. The light blue areas mark the surfaces on which we apply glue.
I've assembled one side at a time and then glued all the sides together. To support the bond between the pieces I used screws and later covered the holes with wood filler. In the end add the bottom and if it's necessary support it with screws.

Congratulations, you are done!


eulaliaaaa! (author)2011-01-16

Sprechen Deutch?

BrittLiv (author)eulaliaaaa!2011-01-16

Hi, jep ich spreche Deutsch (Ich hatte Englisch, Französisch und Latein in der Schule), spreche Spanisch, da ich ein Jahr in Chile gelebt habe und lerne gerade Schwedisch in der Uni...

und du?

techturtle2 (author)BrittLiv2011-01-26

Linguam latinam disco, discivi multum! sum solus puer qui linquam amo! ridiculus, vero ita?

quoque tubam sono. nunc sum otiosi quod pensam non habeo, sed est ad me venint!

mattcintosh (author)techturtle22015-09-21

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mattcintosh (author)mattcintosh2015-09-21

Te sun să-ți spun ce simt acum, Alo, iubirea mea, sunt eu, fericirea.

Alo, alo, sunt iarăși eu, Picasso, Ți-am dat bip, și sunt voinic Dar să știi nu-ți cer nimic.

Vrei să pleci, dar nu mă, nu mă iei, Nu mă, nu mă iei, Nu mă, nu mă, nu mă iei, Chipul tău și dragostea din tei Mi-amintesc de ochii tăi.

BrittLiv (author)techturtle22011-01-27

To be honest I never quite liked Latin, I prefer to learn languages that I can use to talk to people, I can understand what you wrote, but I don't remember enough to answer...

dehlome (author)BrittLiv2011-01-19

Wer kennt sie nicht Deutsch sprechen?! Ich spreche auch Russisch, Englisch, Latein, Niederländisch und ein wenig Spanisch. Wir alle sind begabt! Ja!

diabetishead (author)dehlome2011-01-24

Ich spreche auch english spanish und franzoesisch.Also koennte man die muelltonne eigendlich auch stabieler bauen?

BrittLiv (author)diabetishead2011-01-25

Hi, sie ist sehr stabil, wenn sie auf der Seite liegt kann ich darauf stehen.

dehlome (author)BrittLiv2011-01-26

Große instructable Menschen. Als ich das Bild sah, dachte ich, dass es ein Pixelbild war. Beeindruckend.

scistone (author)dehlome2011-06-02

Thats scary how many people know different languages. Too bad I only know english. :(

jonnybo111 (author)scistone2013-06-26

I speak a little German but that was way over my head

Cobalt59 (author)BrittLiv2011-02-02

Ciamar a tha sibh? Tha gu math, tapadh leibh.

B.C ard innlich!

captain camo (author)2013-09-21


andrea biffi (author)2013-09-18

WOAH! That's impressive!! :-D

Penolopy Bulnick (author)2012-09-24

That is wonderful! You did an awesome job putting it all together :D

kilbia (author)2012-05-25

Ohhhhh golly. This is adorable. I've been inspired. Thank you! =)

deschis (author)2011-07-08

Very nice instructable. Good to see some good old german work here

maximcsauerkraut (author)2011-06-16

Sieht gut aus oder look's great. Spreche: Deutsch,English,Russisch,Estnisch& lerne später noch Schwedisch :)
MfG MaximcSauerkraut :)

firefletcher (author)2011-06-16

I think I'll just make this first in minecraft... XD

wandering otaku (author)2011-01-11

Your idea gave me a totally awesome idea. an 8-bit Mario Warp Pipe trash can. I am so doing this.

Awesome work.

BrittLiv (author)wandering otaku2011-01-11

great idea! I would love to see a picture of the result, I don't know if you've seen the cachepot I made for my carnivorous plant.

Confusius (author)BrittLiv2011-01-25

A real carnivorous plant in a 8-bit tube... this is pure awesome! Definitely a 1UP :)

scistone (author)Confusius2011-06-02


stncilr (author)2011-02-26

how much does this thrash can weigh? Seems to me that it would be kinda on the heavy side.

Very nice project and very well build.
Good Instructable too.

modog4000 (author)2011-01-16

im just wondering how much was tthis to make

BrittLiv (author)modog40002011-01-16

Sorry, I don't really know because it didn't pay for the wood and got the paint from my mum, The rest wasn't expensive...

modog4000 (author)BrittLiv2011-01-17

ok how much was the rest other than the paint

modog4000 (author)2011-01-16

dude this is sweet this is my next project current project tesla coil

BrittLiv (author)modog40002011-01-16

Cool, if you are making it I would love to see some pictures!

modog4000 (author)BrittLiv2011-01-17

i will try to add pics

project-vision (author)2011-01-16

Da schauns die Amis :-) das ist halt europäische Wertarbeit, die wollens gleich wieder mit Metalldosen und plastikfolien machen :-) hihihi

iminthebathroom (author)2011-01-11

Awesome, would love to see a picture looking down on it to see the inside and how it looks from that aspect, in reference to the joints! Sweet work!

BrittLiv (author)iminthebathroom2011-01-11

Thanks, I would like to show you a picture, but it's already in use... I will take one, the next time I take the trash out.

iminthebathroom (author)BrittLiv2011-01-11

Thanks, sometimes its that one picture that helps it make sense, to me anyway. Must have some sort of 3D dyslexia : 0

BrittLiv (author)iminthebathroom2011-01-16

Here as promised the picture (sorry the lightning is not too good...)

iminthebathroom (author)BrittLiv2011-01-16

amazing, thank you

mcgary911 (author)2011-01-15

That thing looks great. I'll never have time to make something like that, but wanted to drop a note to tell you how cool it looks.

How much does your completed can weigh (before you fill it with garbage)?

Do you drag this thing out and put it by the curb for pickup? That would be great. I'm sure it'd get some very strange looks.

BrittLiv (author)mcgary9112011-01-16

Hi, thanks! Sadly my scale doesn't display the weight, I guess it about 3-4 kilos. In Germany we separate our garbage and have special cans standing outside for the pickup.

TechyGeeky (author)2011-01-14

Love the idea of a pixel trash can, but where am I going to find pixel garbage?

BrittLiv (author)TechyGeeky2011-01-15

Maybe you can just saw and prime the pieces there and paint them at home.

ebayhax4u (author)2011-01-14

SO cool, im definitely going to make one this weekend! do you think you could make it with wooden dyes?

BrittLiv (author)ebayhax4u2011-01-15

I haven't tried, but I guess, that the colours would probably bleed (I hope this how you say it in English..) and the result wouldn't look as good.

supersoftdrink (author)2011-01-14

I looked for whatever contest this was entered into; I didn't find one, or I'd vote for it (and I often don't bother to vote for things). Awesome project! It makes me wish I hadn't accidentally broken my husband's bandsaw...

Are you going to put an inner lip on the lid so it doesn't slide off the can if it gets bumped?

BrittLiv (author)supersoftdrink2011-01-15

Hi, thanks a lot, I planned to enter it in the Dremel contest (as you can see I've got a Dremel scroll saw), but after I found out, that it was US only I took my time to finish it.

shveet (author)2011-01-14

BLAST, i would of made this in my woodshop class, sadly the semester is pretty much over :(

Farrelbark (author)2011-01-13

Are these for sale, because me n' some friends of mine want one!

BrittLiv (author)Farrelbark2011-01-13

I'm sorry, it's not, you will have to make it yourself (it's not to hard just requires some patience)

Farrelbark (author)BrittLiv2011-01-14

rrr, time... I'm gonna have to get some...

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