What could be better than pizza?  Tiny pizza on a stick, of course!  Is there really anything else that needs to be said?

Try these yummy pizza pops and never get your hands greasy again. 

Step 1: Ingredients

After much deliberation about the best way to stickify pizza, it became clear (via the Oracle randofo) that bagel pizza was the only true and good way to go.

And since I can't resist making food as cute as possible, I chose to go with mini bagels.  Which leads us to other mini ingredients!  Tiny tomatoes, string cheese, tiny mozzarella balls, baby basil leaves, and a pepperoni stick round out this project beautifully. 

You're also gonna need some good sticks, and don't forget your favorite sauce!
<p>That looks awesome!</p><p>Very cool idea, well done :)</p>
<p>my name is Julieta Cortes</p>
Worried about burning your sticks? How would it work out if you used presoaked bamboo skewers? Might have minor concerns about the moisture affecting your bagels, but I'm not really sure there would be enough to be an issue.
<p>I just soak the part of the skewer that is outside of the bagel. Wonderful in the toaster!</p>
<p>OMG I'm SO going to try this soon!</p>
<p>Can you put them in a freezer and just defrost them when u need them?</p><p>I want to open a pizza on a stick shop so I'm thinking what is the best and the fastest way to make them in mass production. By mass production i mean 50pizzas in 5 min.</p>
Hi this is a cool idea. i am looking for ideas to use at a local fair, something for kids and adults to eat. any ideas/ and links that i can look up. please send me on amjadkd@live.com.. <br>Cheers <br>Amjad
How cute! I'm going to try to make these soon ;)
Pizza-bagels aren't pizza. If you make enough of them, you could use a simple crust recipe: 2 1/2 cups of flour, a packet of yeast, tsp of salt, tbsp of oil. Bake the crust before you add the topping, then put it in the oven again 'till the cheese melts. A little more difficult.
Epik Sause
i love this one :D<br>your instructions are the best! :)<br>thank you so much ^^
haha, your instructions are the funnyest! plus those look like such cute pizza's!
I made these for a wine party last night, they were a huge hit!!!<br><br>Thanks for the great idea!
do you have any ideas what to make a crative 6 year old for breakfast who is VERY picky?
You managed to make a great food stuff even more awesome. <br>Bonus: now there is one more Food on a Stick in the world!
I was just thinking &quot;I should make pizza on a stick and enter it in both contests!&quot; then I thought that someone else would have already made it... So I checked. Damn you... These look great!
i want one!
Scoochmaroo, you are a genius!
The kids are going to go freaking nuts! Last year at the fair they had pizza on a stick that my husband had to have....but your version is very user-friendly and probably less messy.
I want to see pictures of kids going nuts over pizza on a stick!!
I love all your instructables, Soochmaroo!
this looks yummy and cool and cute (im totally gonna make some for my friend and sister tomorrow)
I bet you will win this contest. This is adorable and so well photographed! Great job!!
Really nice work , mmmm pizza ..!
This is like a minuature version of the pizza on a stick they have at my state fair it looked more like a calizone on a stick.
sound's great!! this should be first
you ROCK scooch
What a great Idea! I am so going to make these for Friday Family movie night!
Ummm,,,looks goos 'nuff to eat...:-)
My 6yo daughter and 4yo son love to make their own (and everyone else's) pizza. This will make pizza night even more fun, and less mess too. I'm voting for this.<br> <br> BTW I thought you like to do veg stuff, I think I see meat products. Yum : D<br>
I do like to do veg stuff and vegan stuff too!
stickify haha
You've won as far as I'm concerned.
I'm just getting started ;)
this is def the best contest ever
you could also substitute the bagels for english muffins :D
It's like Bagel Bites on a stick, but fresh and homemade.
This is awasome! I gonna make this for my family, I think they realy like it! Nice work!
Awesomeness! All of your instructables are so nice! Thanks for the photo tips (:
Now why didn't <em>I</em> think of this? :D<br> <br> Nice work.<br>
Those look awesome - now I'm drooling on the keyboard!
So nice.

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