Picture of Planning!
Firstly with any idea, especially one that you know is going to end up over complicated, best to do a few drawings 1st just to make sure it'll work, or close! :)

Step 1: Supplies.

Picture of Supplies.
Ok, now you think it'll work, better start thinking what supplies you'll need? In my case, trying to make my VW T4 Van 'GLOW' is going to require someone (ME!) to make a custom wiring loom! :/
pfred22 years ago
I'm of the mind anymore that my first attempt at something doesn't have to be my last. So crude prototypes, or models, or mock ups, or proofs of concept, or whatever you'd like to call them are OK. Even out and out failures are good too. I'll draw up plans when I'm done, if I think it'll serve any purpose then.
asuhar pfred21 year ago