Picture of Plastic herb name tags
I am always on the lookout for new ways to repurpose plastic bottles and have plenty of projects on Home-Dzine.co.za to share. One of my favourites is to use the bottom of a plastic 2-litre bottle for making herb name tags.

Step 1: Cut the bottle

Picture of Cut the bottle
Use a sharp craft knife to cut off the bottom of your 2-litre bottle. Most plastic bottles have the same basic shape, so you can also use 1-litre bottles or other bottles as well.
flammaefata3 years ago
Pretty, simple and of course recycling. Quite cute! And it's great to see another South African (I assume, from the Pick and Pay bag in your shopping bag Instructable, and the .co.za site) on Instructables!
dezine (author)  flammaefata3 years ago
Definitely a boerjie based in Gauteng!
Hehehe, I'm a soon-to-join-the-working-force student living in a flat in Pretoria wishing for a big garden!
This is such a great idea - the bright colors look awesome. :D