PlyDock: a DIY Dock for Your IPhone 3G / 3GS





Introduction: PlyDock: a DIY Dock for Your IPhone 3G / 3GS

Why buy an expensive dock for your iPhone when you can make your own ultra-cheap, assemble-it-yourself, and easy-to-ship iPhone stand that does the same job as the $29 dock made by Apple. I call it the PlyDock. I had a blast making it and I hope you like it too.

Step 1: Lasercut 1/8” (0.3cm) Plywood or Acrylic Using Template

Cut 1/8” (0.3cm) plywood or acrylic on the Laser cutter using the following template: or PlyDock.dxf

Pro tip: put large masking tape on both sides of the material to avoid burns.

Step 2: Assemble the Pieces

Remove adhesive backing on both sides of the pieces. Slide the vertical pieces into the larger panel according to the letters. Then slide the last panel in.

Step 3: Attach IPhone Connector Cable

Push the iPhone connector into the middle slots. This may require a little bit of force, but it’s best that it’s nice and tight.

Put the cable away using the cut out slots.

Bonus!: weigh the dock down by stuffing the underside with used AAA batteries or modeling clay!



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No offense but who has an iPhone 3 anymore?

I do :)..Im going to make this with my 3d pen and see how it turns out.

You have a 3d pen? Nice. Where could i get one?

Amazon, GearBest, And many more...

Amazon have them. They have come down in price a bit now. Else just search for 3d pens LOL they seem to be everywhere online

This is great! I love that the files can be changed for any phone!