Pocket Sized Magnetic Fishing Set in Altoid tin!

Perfect gift for little hands...
I made each of my kids a little fishing kit for Christmas!
I made each of them slightly different sizes...but one was tiny
enough to fit in an Altoids tin...for my son
who loves Mini-pocket-sized fun!
Check out the easy tutorial and then you can make one any size you wish!

Or check out my blog Doodlecraft for more awesome tutorials!

Step 1: Supplies

Here's what you will need:
  • Wooden dowel
  • Magnet with a hole in the center...or 2 magnets the same size 
  • Colorful felt
  • Washers or magnetic metal discs ((Make sure your metal washers are magnetic!  I had a big bag of washers that weren't...so check first.  I also had these little metal discs.  Anything flat and magnetic will work...but not too heavy.))
  • Hot glue/gun
  • Twine or string
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I am soooo going to make this for our upcoming plane trip. My daughter will love it. Thanks!
I love this but my son always wants a &quot;competition,&quot; so I'm making a few changes: #1. Make the fish with only one small washer in each- head, belly or tail; #2 Adding boots! Each twice the size of fish, with more than one washer in each, making them easier to catch than the fish. On each player tries to avoid boots &amp; catch the fish; either keeping score &amp; only having a limited # of turns or fishing until all of the (oddly) numbered fish are caught, subtracting one for each boot, then whoever has the most fish wins.
Loooove it
Fantastic! I love your website and your instructables. :)
Thank you! :)
super easy idea!
beautiful! definitely my next project!
Great gift for kids!
Just got your newsletter and came to vote. I love this idea! My grandkids would love it too. BTW, Natalie...I crack up every time I see your profile pic. Too funny!
Oh Thanks! Yeah, I haven't been able to switch profile pics anywhere, I just LOVE this one! That is sooo my hubby! :)<br>Thanks again, hope you make a fishing set for those grandkids, they would love it! :)
That's cool!
Thanks :)
Looks awesome. Most anything that has to do with Altoids and the word &quot;customizable&quot; in it must be.
Thanks! Yes, Altoids tins rule! :)
Oh, that's a brilliant little project! <br> <br>
Thanks! The kids have loved them!

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