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While at the hardware store getting some supplies I noticed this carpet and decided I was going to make a pocket yard pool set (makes it more challenging then a standard pocket pool set) in the altoids can I had left over from my last project.  I decided that it should be a classy game with gemstones for balls and brass for the pool stick ball rack.  We only used 4 pockets as not much room to play with any more.

As for supplies we used

Carpet sample (free)
7 Gemstones (we used 6mm beads)
copper rod
Flat copper wire 

Step 1: Create the Table

Cut the foam base to raise the pool table up to the correct height.  Then trace around the tin and cut the carpet out to fit into the tin as well.  After making sure it is a good fit take it back out and cut the pockets for the balls.

Step 2: Create the Rack

Measure the balls and create the rack by bending the flat copper into the correct size triangle this will depend on the size of beads you used.

Step 3: Cut the Pool Que

Cut a piece of copper rod to create the pool Que

Then glue the carpet and foam down to make it more solid

after the glue dries test it out and see what you think

I posted a small video per request but my camera does not support long videos.



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    What an awesome little table! Using some worsted wool might work for getting a flat surface. It has a much smoother finish than the standard woolen cloth. You can learn more about billiard cloth at http://www.dkbilliards.com/faq/#tab=cloth-colors

    If you dont want to use a copper rod a good alternative is wooden skewers, cut and sanded.

    nice man thats awesome portable pool table y couldnt i ave thought of that?

    As of 3:30am EST, the last video in the last step can not be viewed because it is set as 'private' on the host end.

    I will take a look at that tonight... sorry about the delay I have been busy at work.

    Hey, That's pretty fun. Why did you choose carpet for the surface, it seems like it would be kind of coarse?

    Honestly I did that because I thought it looked cool. But it turned out that it was a good feature as it makes you have to hit the balls harder to get them to go in the holes. I helps make up for the small size:)

    It also makes the game a little more challenging as the pool tables flaws change every time you play it. I almost want to cover a full size pool table like this.

    As long as it works. Probably good that it isn't too smooth if the balls would roll too easily.

    It really worked better then I expected. I wish I had done something to level the table though... Maybe for the next version.

    The video was after some practice you have to hit the beads a lot harder then normal on a small pool table.