Introduction: Pocket Laser Show Mod

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In this instructable i will show how to mod the pocket laser light show from thinkgeek to use it with any other laser. Because the original red laser does not provide that much fun then a green one. The laser I will be using is the Core 5mW from Wickedlasers

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Step 1: What You Need

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Pocket Laser Show
The Core Laser (Any pen-style laser pen would work)
PVC Pipe
Some plastic or rubber to connect the PVC pipe to the pocket laser show.

Step 2: Unscrew

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Remove the screws from the pocket laser show.

Step 3: Remove the Red Laser

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Carefully open the case and make sure the wires don't break. Unscrew the red laser, you can either leave it hanging in the casing or cut it off.

Step 4: Drill a Hole!

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Close it for now and drill a hole here.

Step 5: PVC Pipe

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Now your going to need your PVC pipe. My PVC pipe it around 10CM long. I attached a piece of plastic on it so it gets stuck in the hole from the pocket laser. You can basically use anything depending on how big the hole in pocket laser show is to attract the PVC pipe. As long as it does not fall off and can hold the weight of your laser ofcourse.

Step 6: Attach the PVC Pipe

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Attach the PVC pipe to your pocket laser show.

Step 7: Put Your Laser in the PVC Pipe

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Put your laser in the PVC pipe. I used some tape to keep the laser on. The Core 5mW can basically stay on until the batteries run out aslong as you watch the tempature of the laser. If your using a more powerful laser be careful to not go over the duty cycle.

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Daddio_UK (author)2010-02-22

Are there really any  true green lasers? all the ones I have seen are red inside, until they pass through a small chip/slither of something. Red light enters and green comes out, but If you turn the chip round, it stops emitting green light, it has to be in the right place to work.

chaydgb (author)Daddio_UK2010-07-22

Good news! Several companies (including Osram, Kaai and Sumitomo) are working on direct green and true blue (i.e. not violet-blue) laser diodes, mostly these will end up being used in pocket projectors and mobile entertainment devices, and I should imagine will become affordable within the next 5 years or so.

hipydude2001 (author)chaydgb2010-11-02

wish you could of told us this back in 2005. lol

pleabargain (author)2010-08-03

Some typos: aslong as you watch the tempature of the laser. as long as you watch the temperature And frankly, I'm too dense to know why you are getting patterns from your mod. Because it is bouncing off the inside of the pipe and out the lens?

Daddio_UK (author)2010-02-22

Cool, did the same with a Romisen laser and laser pocket projector from maplin, it projects clear, large and bright covering 2 blocks of flats over the road :-)

PoisonedV (author)2008-01-05

Wickedlasers is overpraced. Make one yourself out of a DVD burner, seriously.

slayerduck (author)PoisonedV2008-01-05

Seriously, there are no green lasers in a DVD burner.

PoisonedV (author)slayerduck2008-01-06

So, you will waste a fifty dollar on a horribly low powered laser just to get a different colored beam? There are other source than DVD burners which have different colors, and there are other, much better and cheaper stores than wickedlasers. You are a tool, seriously.

neopangea (author)PoisonedV2008-01-10

harsh man...

slayerduck (author)neopangea2008-01-10

Don't bother, this person does not understand. Only lasers in a DVD burner are red. We do got blue but you can imagine how must a blue ray cost. A 180mW red laser out a dvd burner is as bright 5mW Core from wickedlasers. Since green is 40x as bright as red. I just did not want to waste my time on this person.

it not 40x brighter the human eye is forty times more senitive then to red (the eye is least sensitive to the color red thats why if you use a red light your eye dosn't need to re adjust to the dark

PoisonedV (author)slayerduck2008-01-10

Shit, no, you don't understand. First of all DVD's have lasers of varying powers, and there are hundreds of other sourcese, not just blu rays

slayerduck (author)PoisonedV2008-01-10

There are hundreds of other sources, indeed. Hundreds of sellers that sell cheap laster pointers with no IR filter and such. You get what you pay for. DVD lasers have indeed varying powers but they are all red. and the max you can get is like 200mw red on a 20x burner. Non focused with no IR filter. good luck with that.

Noodle god (author)slayerduck2009-02-21

Simple to focus all you need is a aixiz module and red lasers don't emit IR so no IR filter needed.

PoisonedV (author)slayerduck2008-01-10

there are resources for making them just as professional as wicked lasers

Noodle god (author)slayerduck2009-02-21

True though is wicked lasers still overpriced and underspec. Way better sites like... Optronics, novalasers, laserglow, dragonlasers ECT.

psyteknology (author)slayerduck2008-07-17

No, but PS2's have blu-ray lasers and you get make a 5mW-7mW blue laser for about 40-50 bucks on eBay if you get the right assembly @ the right price. Oh but you'll need the right focusing optics too.

Noodle god (author)psyteknology2009-02-21

No ps3's do. ps2 have a 5-10mw red that is weak as hell.

Noodle god (author)2009-02-21

Woot lets go buy some lasers from wickedlasers and spend tons of cash on overpriced lasers that are underspec and give money to people that never reply to our questions and ban people on there forum(lasercommunity) that disagree with them woohoo this gonna be great

Jake Morton (author)2009-02-13

when making one of these do you have to put the mirrors at an angle?

mspark400 (author)2008-06-19

great job i just made mine and i use it with my greenie and my 250 mw red and both are sweet nice job! good rating for you!:) best wishes mspark400

disagreeableness (author)2008-04-20

What diameter PVC did you use? (looks like 1/2"/1.27 CM or a CPVC type) Also, Wicked is slick, great product line effectively marketed, shouldn't hold that against them. Their are definitely other sources would surely please the minimalist & they know their business. IR filters take all the fun out of lasers. Nice hop up, I liked it thanks!

Uh, not sure what size i got here but i just grabbed one from the garage that fitted with my laser. It does not really matter either. Bigger PVC, bigger hole.

phxmark123 (author)2008-03-17

My laser wasn't a visable laser, just powerful. WARNING Never shine it at Police helicopters circling a crime scene. They don't like it.

phxmark123 (author)2008-03-17

I built my own laser light show. I bought the used parts from a laser supply store in Phoenix and built my own helium-neon laser that can shine for miles for about $100, placed it on a board with a couple small motors from tape player and a variable resistor and a couple small mirrors. It can make many different designs on the walls. first glue the mirrors on the ends of the small motor shafts. Wire a variable resistor into the motor circuit to adjust the speed of the motor. Only one motor needs the speed adjusted. Now mount the motors horizontally. Turn on the laser and shine it at the mirrors. Make sure the beam shines one mirror and then to the other mirror and then to a wall. Turn on the motors. Because you can't perfectly get the mirrors on the end of the shaft they will wobble when spinning thus creating a movable beam on the wall. Adjust the motor speed to change the design on the wall. Laser beam to one rotating motor reflecting to another spinning mirror reflecting to wall. Laser light show

GorillazMiko (author)2007-12-26

ha, cool instructable. i thought i saw that 1st picture up here before...

slayerduck (author)GorillazMiko2007-12-26

I doubt that since the picture was taken in my room
Thanks for your comment

mdmoose29 (author)2007-12-26

thats hardcore. u should have put up a wicked lasers referal ID... cause after seeing this i finally put the money down to buy one. :)

slayerduck (author)mdmoose292007-12-26

Thanks for your comment, That is a pretty good idea, I'll get back on the referal id in a few days. Don't buy one just yet :P

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