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Introduction: Pop Art Girl Face Paint

About: I am a conceptual artist, and my DIY projects are mostly inspired by pop culture (movies, music, sports, TV). I mostly specialize in painting, graphic design, drawing, digital photography, performance art, a...

Get ready to pop outside the retro 60s styled comic book with this sexy face paint that would even make Roy Lichtenstein blush!

Step 1: Start With White

First, I began using Mehron Paradise in White to cover my entire face.

Step 2: Black Features and Red Lips

Next, I used black face paint to paint in my arched eyebrows, make eyes and lashes over my own eyes, and used red (Beach Berry by Mehron Paradise) to color in the lips.

Step 3: Add More Black

Then, I continued to use more black to add the rest of the eye features on the other side of my face, as well as comic book style outlines on both sides of my face.

Step 4: Red Dots

Then, I went into my red and added Ben-Day dots on one side of my face.

Step 5: Blue Dots

Then, on the other side of my face, I added blue Ben-Day dots.

Step 6: Finish Off

Finally, I added white highlights to my red lips, and capped it off with a 50s inspired blue wig.

Step 7: Done!

Time to check out my art gallery of my pop art girl face paint! Even the nerdiest of comic book fans would fall head over heels for this Lichtenstein inspired chick!



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