I have always loved Pop Rocks and chocolate, but I have never tried them together....until now that is!
These are definitely a fun treat to snack on and to surprise your guests with. Affordable and easy to make, hope you enjoy!

Step 1: Supplies!

You'll need:
Chocolate Chips
Pop Rocks
Candy Molds
Food Grade Brush or Small Spoon
Microwave Safe Bowl
Butter Knife
Omg those look so good!!! I'm gunna try um.... THANKS!!! :D
<p>Pretty cool &amp; was even! :)</p>
Great idea, though i would temper the chocolate rather then just melting it : )
A perfect use for my star mold...an't wait to try!
Oooh! I never thought of eating those two things together, but it sounds awesome!
It was awesome! They go really well together. Especially the strawberry flavor pop rocks.
Oooh yes! Strawberry :D
wow! these will be awesome for april fool chcolate.
I agree, especially since they make a pretty loud popping sound when you bite into them. It's fun.
I found a spicy pop rocks chocolate bar once. It was amazing.
That sounds delicious! Maybe I'll try adding chili flakes to the chocolate or something to spice it up.

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