I wanted a small stool to carry in my car so that I could use it whenever I may have to stop on my journey by the roadside, and this is the solution.

Here I have converted a Mike stand into a Portable Folding Stool, so that it can be conveniently carried by hand or put in the boot of your car.

Step 1: Mike Stand

For this project you need a light Mike Stand, It should be made of Steel Pipes.

This type of Mike Stand is cheaply available in the market.

For the seat, a piece of fiber sheet is required 12 inches into 4 inches long.

An Iron rod of 6 inches is needed for the seat.

A 12 inches iron flat is needed for fixing the seat.

Always something new and innovative from Dipankar. Did you ever get the problem with the lines solved from a couple of weeks ago?
Yes Sir,<br>I just Formatted my Card and it became OK.<br>Thanks for inquiring.
Well, I guess stranger things have happened. At least you got it fixed. I had a strange one last week. I started to get system messages that I should use a different, powered, USB port for faster speed. Trouble is, I didn't have any non-motherboard connected USB devices connected. The messages stopped after a day with no reboot. Never heard of that before or since.
Computers have a mind of their own, some times it does what it pleases.<br>I have yet to understand a woman and a PC, both are same..........
As far as understanding both I agree, but woman do have attributes that make them indispensable, while we can live without computers. Or maybe , applicable to both, we can't live with them and we can't live without them. At my age hough, sometimes I think it is my PC I couldn't live without!
Very right.......at my age too..................
Nice recycling project there, good project idea from an unused item. Now lets try a coffee table made from an engine block, and or a extension LED lamp from the rest of the mic stand.
Very good idea but the only problem is that you need a crowd to move it.<br>It must be damn heavy. Ha! ha!.......
Not all that hard to move, lift one edge slip a blanket under and then lift the other side and slide where you want it. Now picking it up, that's work!
5 *s, as usual, sirji !<br><br>reg<br>ketan<br>&quot;May the good belong to all the people in the world. <br>May the rulers go by the path of justice. <br>May the best of men and their source always prove to be a blessing. <br>May all the world rejoice in happiness. <br>May rain come in time and plentifulness be on Earth. <br>May this world be free from suffering and the noble ones be free from fears&quot; <br>---- Vedic blessing <br>
Yes I made it myself.<br>As the Mike stand was old and rusted, so I had to PAINT it in Photoshop.<br>Here is the original Picture.......................

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Bio: Now I am a retired person, who enjoys life and making small things to pass the time keep myself busy.
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