Picture of Portable Milk Splatter
Milk, or any liquid, is THE MOST DANGEROUS nemesis to all IT products ( laptop, phones, tv, etc)
so why not give someone a heart attack with a fake milk splatter on their laptop? 

you'll need:
- a piece of glass, or any smooth surface
- white glue, aka elmer's
- soap, or any lubricant (cooking spray, WD40, etc)
- knife
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Step 1: Prep your surface

Picture of Prep your surface
Your surface can be any smooth surface, I just had a piece of glass around.

Now take a your choice of lubricant (bar soap for me), and cover the piece of glass. 
This makes the removal easier later.

I also took a piece of brown paper to spread it around more. totally optional.

Step 2: Squirt your 'milk'

Picture of Squirt your 'milk'
With the surface ready, take a bottle of white glue and 'draw' out your milk splatter.

You want to squirt out a nice thick layer of glue, that way it is easier to peel it off after it dries. 

Step 3: Let it dry...

Picture of Let it dry...
Now let it dry for a good 6 to 10 hrs. 
You don't want to leave it close to a warm vent or anything, you'll get wrinkles on your milk!

Step 4: Time to peel

Picture of Time to peel
Once the glue dries, take a knife or anything with a sharp edge, and poke the edges around.
After the thin strips are free, it should be easy to peel off the whole thing off your surface.

Step 5: Sign up your victim for life insurance

Picture of Sign up your victim for life insurance
Now with your milk splatter in hand, you can place it on anything you want without harming anything.
Try distracting your victim to the kitchen, then place the fake milk splatter on his/her laptop, and wait for some reaction!

You can add some colors to your glue for other uses, red for fake blood puddle, green for slime, etc.
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assassinsarmy4 months ago

As a crazy person i know this prank works better when you take a glass of milk and poor in nicely on someone else's laptop and let it dry for about a week.

Great second part of the prank is that this person will be looking for his laptop for about a week till the point he finaly finds his laptop with your amasing prank.

During the time it drys you can even decide to autograph your prank but in my opinion it works better to write someone else's initials in there.

good idea on the last bit! i will definitely use it. i did this last year on my teacher

this awesome

alba1003 months ago

If you want a simple computer prank

Change the colour of the font to white.

The victim will then have white letters on a white screen, so it looks as though

the keyboard does not work.

Miss Woof4 months ago

Cant wait to do this on April fools day

NanaK14 months ago

Wow! i know a couple of people that need this on their computer!

KhoiS4 months ago

Ha ha, i can't wait to spill this "milk" on my friend's new laptop!

omikeo4 months ago

ok i'm trying it now, but on wax paper, dunno how it will go, i'll trim the paper off, hopefully, hopefully it'll dry before the grankids wake up, guess i shouldda started it yesterday, thanks,

geris14 months ago

Haha I can't wait till my splatter dries! I'm targeting the roomie first and then my parents! I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THEIR REACTION!! It'll be better than the one I got when I told everybody that I "Rolled Up the Rim to Win" and won Tobego!!! Some people actually congratulated me on winning=D

MrLeg geris14 months ago

You must be from Canada!

AbbyL14 months ago

This project is SOOOOOOOOOOOO fun to make!

poodle puff4 months ago

As a crafty person, I know that you could do this with Slick paint too. Try white slick paint on a thick plastic wrap. It should peel right off.

Cute trick.LOL

JackB44 months ago

Hmm. I wonder how long I can milk out this prank...

Danny14334 years ago
hi to you too
RK8 The nerdling4 months ago


RK8 Canadascout4 months ago

my thoughts exactly

theegghead4 months ago

great... will be sure to pull this one!

jsbjsbjsb4 months ago

Pair this with a screen "short out" pic for a very convincing prank!

M-小台4 months ago
John MichaelW4 months ago

Add a mostly empty glass of milk next to it and a few drops of milk on the desk around it. That will help sell the prank

My students used glue on wax paper to create snowflakes with Q-tips. It peeled off very easily. Just remember to go slowly as you remove it.

vladivastok11 months ago

I KNOW JUST WHO IM GONNA DO THIS TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK'S [ VLAD ]

owen57021 year ago
You should add brown to it so it looks like coffee
Bobey1 year ago
Turn off the computer so it looks like it died
RayJN1 year ago

Haven't tried it yet but seem a thin coat of Vaseline on glass should give an easy release

flerfmod24 years ago
This does not really work.
awesome profile pic yo!
you could add a tipped over paper cup on the edge of it with some glue inside also to really sell the effect
hjig1 year ago

Putting glue on a warm keyboard; what could go wrong? Have you tested closing the lid?

kjsrocks1 year ago

even better if you put a bad screen like an error screen

Ron543211 year ago
missloveuk1 year ago

that is a good idea

thanks for this idea

smallfly104 years ago
I do stuff like this all the time.I use anything from wax paper to plastic rap.

I always thought it was "Plasty Crap". LOL

HPandLOTR1 year ago

this is great :)

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