Milk, or any liquid, is THE MOST DANGEROUS nemesis to all IT products ( laptop, phones, tv, etc)
so why not give someone a heart attack with a fake milk splatter on their laptop? 

you'll need:
- a piece of glass, or any smooth surface
- white glue, aka elmer's
- soap, or any lubricant (cooking spray, WD40, etc)
- knife

Step 1: Prep your surface

Your surface can be any smooth surface, I just had a piece of glass around.

Now take a your choice of lubricant (bar soap for me), and cover the piece of glass. 
This makes the removal easier later.

I also took a piece of brown paper to spread it around more. totally optional.
<p>haha - funny</p>
its awesome
<p>This. Is. Super. Good.</p>
<p>Can't wait to try this with my grand kids. I'll let you know how it goes.</p>
Can I do it on a flat non wooden desk?
<p>To make it even better, hide everything on their desktop and change their background picture to a faulty screen like it is broken</p>
<p>As a crazy person i know this prank works better when you take a glass of milk and poor in nicely on someone else's laptop and let it dry for about a week. <br><br>Great second part of the prank is that this person will be looking for his laptop for about a week till the point he finaly finds his laptop with your amasing prank. <br><br>During the time it drys you can even decide to autograph your prank but in my opinion it works better to write someone else's initials in there.</p>
<p>good idea on the last bit! i will definitely use it. i did this last year on my teacher</p>
<p>this awesome</p>
<p>If you want a simple computer prank</p><p>Change the colour of the font to white.</p><p>The victim will then have white letters on a white screen, so it looks as though</p><p>the keyboard does not work.</p>
<p>Cant wait to do this on April fools day</p>
<p>Wow! i know a couple of people that need this on their computer! </p>
<p>Ha ha, i can't wait to spill this &quot;milk&quot; on my friend's new laptop! </p>
<p>ok i'm trying it now, but on wax paper, dunno how it will go, i'll trim the paper off, hopefully, hopefully it'll dry before the grankids wake up, guess i shouldda started it yesterday, thanks,</p>
<p>Haha I can't wait till my splatter dries! I'm targeting the roomie first and then my parents! I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THEIR REACTION!! It'll be better than the one I got when I told everybody that I &quot;Rolled Up the Rim to Win&quot; and won Tobego!!! Some people actually congratulated me on winning=D</p>
<p>You must be from Canada!</p>
<p>This project is SOOOOOOOOOOOO fun to make!</p>
<p>As a crafty person, I know that you could do this with Slick paint too. Try white slick paint on a thick plastic wrap. It should peel right off.</p><p>Cute trick.LOL</p>
<p>Hmm. I wonder how long I can milk out this prank...</p>
hi to you too
<p>my thoughts exactly</p>
<p>great... will be sure to pull this one!</p>
<p>Pair this with a screen &quot;short out&quot; pic for a very convincing prank!</p>
<p>Add a mostly empty glass of milk next to it and a few drops of milk on the desk around it. That will help sell the prank</p>
<p>My students used glue on wax paper to create snowflakes with Q-tips. It peeled off very easily. Just remember to go slowly as you remove it.</p>
<p>I KNOW JUST WHO IM GONNA DO THIS TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK'S [ VLAD ]</p>
You should add brown to it so it looks like coffee
Turn off the computer so it looks like it died
<p>Haven't tried it yet but seem a thin coat of Vaseline on glass should give an easy release</p>
This does not really work.
awesome profile pic yo!
you could add a tipped over paper cup on the edge of it with some glue inside also to really sell the effect
<p>Putting glue on a warm keyboard; what could go wrong? Have you tested closing the lid?</p>
<p>even better if you put a bad screen like an error screen</p>
<p>that is a good idea</p>
<p>thanks for this idea</p>
I do stuff like this all the time.I use anything from wax paper to plastic rap.
<p>I always thought it was &quot;Plasty Crap&quot;. LOL</p>
<p>this is great :)</p>
Diabolical... Haha
I love my sister freaked

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