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One thing I have wanted for a long time is to be able to take my games with me everywhere!!

I don’t have big bucks or a fancy workshop this instructable was made in my little flat with some really basic tools, ( a piece of flint and a brick ) no just playing they weren't that stone age.

I wanted to make this on a budget, I say budget but I didn't record a penny that I spent but I know it was less than 80 pounds. I think for the money spent I did a good job, for the first one that is ( I plan to make more ).

Sorry! I didn't take any step by step pictures so please pretend in your head that I am in some sort of lab and it all looks very important!

Here Goes!

Below is a small video showing off the case, Its a little dark but gives you a nice preview :).

Step 1: Measuring Up!

Picture of Measuring Up!

Measuring up!

Ok as you can see from the picture my work space is the floor, but don’t worry it’s organized mess. The first step in this build was to see that everything was going to fit, this also give me some idea as to what I was going to do.

My idea was to mount a small Tv and a playstation 3 inside a rugged case with extras like fans, lights and stuff and be able to take it with me on gaming nights with mates. The TV that I used was something I had lying around, it was 1080i so HD but not amazing. I bodged a lot in this instructable like not having a ruler which sucked a lot, so I used a measuring tape and a bit of good old luck.

Mounting the Tv screen was very tricky, I was going to use the mount supplied with the Tv but it made it stick out too far and would cause problems closing. So I used the mount as a template and got it as straight as I could on the inside of the lid and marked it up with a sharpie.

Then using a dremel with the wrong size drill bit ( I love making things difficult ) I then drilled four holes for the screws that came with the mount. I noticed that the screws were a little on the long side so I put some washers on them to make a snug fit.

Now getting them screws into the Tv with no help was really annoying I pushed the screws through and could not find the whole so I had a clever thought and pushed a screwdriver through to guide the two holes together to put the screw through ( Don’t be rude )

Step 2: Success the Screens In!

Picture of Success the Screens In!

Success the screens in!

I was happy with what I was looking at, most projects it takes a good while before you start getting excited but from that point on I just wanted it finished and ripping up some Portable Gaming! ( Might hit starbucks with this ).

So I have the screen in and I have already attached the HDMI and power cable as you do have access to the ports and this tv has a lot but its very narrow as I found out trying to plug my Dre’s into it. The screen is not huge : ( but at that moment its all I had that would fit I have a 23” 3D LG screen which would have been amazing!!! but it didn’t fit! but this is 1080i and does the trick.

So I put everything in to see how it would all fit and I made the decision to have my PS3 facing left so I had access to the cd drive this later changed as the cables at the back stuck out too far.

Next step cooling I need fans!

Step 3: Gathering a Building a Fan Unit

Picture of Gathering a Building a Fan Unit

Gathering a building a fan unit

Well I didn't really want my PS3 to get this hot but hey that’s another project : )

So I went all hunter gatherer on the components I have and found a box of pc fans that I have had for a while, to my surprise as I have never hooked these up they were really powerful and leafblower shaped PERFECT!.

My plan was to basically hook some fans up on a piece of plastic and wire them up to a 12v DC adaptor, I didn’t have any plastic and I needed something a bit stronger so I used a carbon fiber Ray Ban sunglasses case which looked really cool.

The PS3 slim sucks air from the vents on the front and two sides and expels hot air from the back, so I lined the fans up so that they are hitting both sides of the PS3 and there was a big gap at the back to expel hot air. So I made a line of three and noticed that I want more so I hooked up another three and the power held up just fine, there was some serious wind action going on here they were like mini leaf blowers!.

Step 4: Hooking Up the Fan Unit

Picture of Hooking Up the Fan Unit

Hooking up the fan unit

So I did a little structural work and joined them together using adhesive foam and mounted them under the PS3, what was quite cool about these fans was they were clever whenever you stopped them with your hand they would turn off for a few seconds and restart, also if you restricted them they would compensate by speeding up I was very impressed.

I foamed the fans to the bottom of the case which held perfect, I then using some small blocks of wood also foamed to the case to raise the PS3 up to increase airflow and not restrict the fans.

Now it was time to hook up the power supply, > : 0 English power supplies are huge!!!!!! I was not happy at all I wanted space to fit some accessories and the power leads ate it all up. None of the work I have done is permanent I can change it at any time so I might swap to an american power strip that should help with space.

So I guess you're wondering what going to hold the PS3, well its straps that I bought and sawed some velcro on both sides and the PS3 fits snug as a bug!

I am not sure if you noticed but the PS3 logo is blue........ This is a very simple mod using the wondrous SUGRU which I have fallen deeply in love with ; P all you do is fill the embossed part of the logo and scrape a soft card over the top to remove the excess and then smooth the top with your finger!

Step 5: Ok the Finished Article!

Picture of Ok the Finished Article!

Ok the finished article!

Ok I won’t bore you any longer its a PS3 in a box woo hoo! here are a few things just to round it up!

I used the foam supplied with the rugged case to cover over the power supplies and around the screen just to give it a nice effect.

That glowing orb on the bottom left is the control for the speakers which looks rad with the led colors.

Ok if i've missed anything please do give me a shout in the comments i'll give you more info!

You should really try this its really simple and it's a great project for students and people who travel a lot and no your not restricted to a ps3 the world's your oyster!

Thank you very much for taking a look and subscribe for more!!!


Degga_D (author)2014-07-21

This is a great portable PS3. So simple and looks great. Top instructable

solidfunk (author)Degga_D2014-07-21

Thank you for the kind words, tip my hat to you.


mylestybri (author)2012-04-28

I Love It! The Sleek Television, The Cooling Fans, Its AMAZING. But, What TV Did You Use? I Saw Neon On The Bottom But I Seached Neon Tv And NO RESULTS

solidfunk (author)mylestybri2012-04-28

Hey Thank's for the comment! You don't really see this TV about, I had it given to me.

Its not the best screen in the world but I love it, the company is called Cello Neon. This screen is not thin by the way, its on the chunky side because of the DVD player, I was planning to remove the back panel and rip it out but I decided it would be a lot harder to mount.

I would suggest going to your local super markets and look for their knock off TV'S they have on sale you get some cool ones sometimes.

mikeasaurus (author)2012-04-12

Wow, great build!

solidfunk (author)mikeasaurus2012-04-12

Thank you very much!

SUPER SSS (author)2016-05-31

how much does it cost totally including everything

Josh AllenA (author)2015-12-01

correction motorola atrix lapdock some other lapdock require driver I have the atrix lapdock I use it for my ps4 and my amazon tv.

Josh AllenA (author)2015-12-01

if your looking for a cheap mobile hd screen with built in speakers look up motorola lapdock and a female micro hdmi to male/female hdmi hook up anything on the go and it has a 7 hour battery life

trey danner (author)2015-08-18

can you do this with a Play Station 2 what screens are good / equvilent

Eman000 (author)2015-01-02

All I can say is wow. What a great idea and design. I'm thinking about trying this but I need you to please answer some of my questions. Can u tell me some ideas to direct me to a place where I could find a portable tv? Also I have a PS3 fat and I was wondering if you had any ideas to keep my PS3 from overheating?

ekl99 (author)2014-10-09

Does this connect to a wall outlet or is there some source of battery for the screen and system? Good Instructable!

solidfunk (author)ekl992014-10-12

Hi there,

On the left hand side is a small adaptor that connects to a wire a plug, this the plugs into the mains so no battery :(. The cable is detachable to help with transportation. I would love a battery it would be very hard (and big )

Garrett360 (author)2014-07-12

I understand everything except the power, exactly how are the tv and ps3 powered?

TheodoreH (author)Garrett3602014-09-06

Well considering the newer PS3's use around 100V-240V it would cost a lot of money to get a battery and it would be huge to put in so obviously its Wall Powered. If you don't think this is "portable" look up the definition of Portable aka something you can put on your lap.

TheodoreH (author)TheodoreH2014-09-06

Actually this could work

I just don't know how long it would last etc...

TheodoreH (author)2014-09-06

If you don't want to purchase extra fans but have a saw or something to cut the casing, Just cut a rectangular spot out of the case where the fans on the ps3 are. This way it will work pretty much the same way it did if it were in your living room etc...

Garrett360 (author)2014-07-12


McLovin0826 (author)2014-03-05

what was the screen size?

ttttommmy32 (author)2014-02-19

Some quick questions, (Great build by the way I really am considering pursuing your idea!) Do the cables run inside the box, and if they do, is it a tight fit between the PS3, the cables, and the box wall? Also, how does the ball work and also the speakers. Are they connected to the TV somehow?

willg60 (author)2013-12-21

Ok thanks. I am going to build one.

willg60 (author)2013-12-20

I just read your instructable, and was wondering if I could use a pic monitor? Any ideas?

solidfunk (author)willg602013-12-21

Any monitor will do you, as long as it has the right connections like HDMI or AV. I think as long as it fits and it's a decent resolution it would be fine. Going for a screen with built in speakers is helpful too I think.


street_racer21 (author)2013-07-26

could you make a list of items and materials used like the case and fans? because after seeing this i want to do almost the same thing. except with a different tv maybe. and i cant turn down the blue sugru logo idea. btw how did you connect the speakers?

solidfunk (author)street_racer212013-09-05

I basically hooked the speakers directly to the tv using the speakers Jack,

BTheDuck99 (author)2013-07-26

Or could you send me a link to the case at

solidfunk (author)BTheDuck992013-09-05

This is the exact case that I used.

solidfunk (author)2013-09-05

You could get the fat model in there but I know there would be issues with over heating unless you hooked some good fans or mod the case with an extra top fan on top.

tbeverly (author)2013-09-03

Could u make more and sell them I'd bye one I'm not good at making things

solidfunk (author)tbeverly2013-09-05

How I would love to have the time and materials to fore fill your request but sadly I don't. This build is one that many people can do, You only need basic skills to get this done. You just need to be a bit savy with measuring and insulating wires and your good.

I would be happy to give you more tips : )

BTheDuck99 (author)2013-07-26

Which kind of case did you use?

Leodip (author)2013-06-21

Nice, good job. I had this in mind for quite a while (hmm, 2 months?), but not for New Gen Consoles: I wanted to use an emulator for MAME on a Rasperry Pi, sticking it on the bottom of the case, a screen (I've got an old monitor that fits pretty well) to put on the upper half of the case like you did, and the controllers either original ones fixed on the case (with something to distance it from the bottom of the case, because the borders of the case itself would be pretty annoying while playing) or two simple Joypads in order to enable two-players games.

TBH, I never thought of this idea applied on a console like this, I think it could be done pretty well with a Wii (that I've got, too) or an Xbox.

If I had some time, I'd surely do the MAME one, in the whiletime, good job once again.

shmadul (author)2013-04-02

hey you should try to get it to power off a car outlet :)

kgobbi (author)2012-09-23

So how did you get the ps3 and tv to work? Also do u have to have fans if you build a wii version. Really great build hope you reply and you inspired me to make a wii one!! :-)

solidfunk (author)kgobbi2012-09-24

Hey there, strange question? All I can imagine is that maybe you think the ps3 and tv are powered by battery? If so there not powered by battery it's all through ac. : D

Its a very basic setup, I have used a tv and a ps3 with speakers ect, they are all plugged into a power strip, this then plugs into the wall.

In terms of using a wii, this would be very easy, a few suggestions: wii uses a lot of accessories so give room in the case for this, the wii is small and will not require a big case but I think that you should go big because a wider screen is more suite to a wii, the wii if placed correctly inside will not require fans but I would not do this with out at least one fan close to the wii or connected to vent hot air and recirculate air, wii inside this sort of box would be very cool, you could design the wii so when it's not in use it lays down but when you have it open it stands up this would held with the ventilation.

Well any others questions I'm happy to help!

cars367 (author)solidfunk2012-09-25

Ok thanks for replying this really helped and inspired me and this is also great for when i am at arenas. Also i cant stand it up bc it is a new version where it lays flat. I might have more questions. Thanks Kurtis

solidfunk (author)cars3672012-09-26

That's good to hear, I'm happy to help. I think a portable wii would be a great hit on your travels, I think you could make it very compact but be sure to pack enough controllers for everyone : D

kgobbi (author)2012-09-23

Really awesome! Great idea. Do you think it would work for a wii?

kbarnes6 (author)2012-04-28

Could you post some more pics of the Power Supply you are using?

Is it just a normal Surge Protector strip like in USA?

Also, what are the hot dog looking things inside of the PS3?

The idea and engineering behind it is remarkable. I just would like to see some other pics of speaker installation, wiring, etc.


solidfunk (author)kbarnes62012-04-28

Hey, I will post a picture soon of the power supply but I would not expect much.

I basically got a black surge protector power strip ( UK ) and put all the plugs into it. I then mounted it to the case, cut the lead to the strip and fed it through a hole I drilled in the case,and Wired on an adaptor on both ends of the cable so I can detach them when I want.

Dude I don't have hot dogs in my PS3!! : P That picture was actually a joke about my PS3 overheating. A guy made that gorge Foreman grill when the 60GB first came out!

In terms of the Installation this was super easy, It was a case of just taking all the components I already had and fitting them snugly in this case.

The speakers were just what I used for the PC, They are really cool with that glowing orb that connects them. I bought them off the internet, I couldn't tell you where ( They are called Music Studio )

Wiring was also very basic, Hot glue is your friend : P I used Piping and other things to channel the cables around. I also cut down a lot of the Cables to free up space and get rid of unnecessary cable.

Are you thinking about building one?

kbarnes6 (author)solidfunk2012-04-28

I sure am. I travel for my career and I am in hotels all the time. I don't trust packing up my PS3 and putting it on a plane as they don't handle bags well.

I know I have a lot of questions, but I want to make sure I'm not mistaking anything I need to find some cooling fans first. Also, is the power strip powering the cooling fans and are you plugging the Power Strip into a wall outlet?

What adapter did you wire on both ends? This is an ingenious idea and a few more pics of the wires and plugs would be helpful as well. I'm curious on how to fixate the speakers. Either way, thanks for replying and I cannot wait to work on this summer!

solidfunk (author)kbarnes62012-04-28

That's fine don't worry ask away! I agree with you I would not trust them with my ps3 at all!

The fans I used were blower fans, they suck air in through the top and push the air out of a hole. For there size they are a lot stronger than a normal fan and smaller. I got them for free from work but you can pick them up from the net. PS3's are very hard to keep cool in confined spaces I have since moved the fans around because my PS3 was getting to hot.

I basically attached the blower fan to the exhaust of the PS3 so that it would suck hot air out of the PS3 and blow it away this worked a lot better than just blowing air around the underneath of the PS3. I do not have any holes in my case to vent air because I wanted it to be waterproof when closed.

Everything is plugged in to the power strip nothing is cross wired even though I've considered it. I am looking into ways to decrease the size of the power strip so I can eventually have my accessories inside the case with the PS3. It's a very basic design but with ideas could be made easier and more efficient, the speakers fit very snug so I didn't need much to mount them so I just went with a lil industrial sticky foam. This stuff is amazing and it just sticks so well to the case. The adaptor on the wire you can see in the video, it's basically a three prong adaptor that I got off a friend I think it's great even though I am slightly scared of it because I believe it's too exposed to water ect and it carries 240v : / I will TTY and find a name for you.

I used the foam that came with the case to decorate this case and I suggest the same for you the hardest part for you will be keepin the ps3 cool it's very hard. I've nailed it now And it runs very cool.

Please keep the questions coming I'll get them images for you oh and subscribe please : )

kbarnes6 (author)solidfunk2012-04-28

I suscribed. Thanks. A few more questions :D

What is powering your power supply? Do you need to be near an outlet?

Are your speakers plugged into the monitor or the PS3?

Are the fans sucking air out of the back of the console, or inside?

I have the fat PS3 right now. I would have to get a little bigger case, but I don't mind.

Also, what tool did you use to create the screw holes to mount the monitor and what is the monitor's size?

solidfunk (author)kbarnes62012-04-29

Yes the name can be interpreted in different ways but it's a portable ps3 with no battery : ) maybe one day when batteries are smaller and more efficient, this project requires and outlet.

The speakers are plugged into the screen using a normal headphone jack and the sound signal is being sent to the tv through HDMI.

The fans are now doing both I have three fans underneath blowing air towards the back of the ps3 this helps air be drawn in around the edges almost creating a vacuum. I then have three fans attactched to the back of the ps3 this sucks hot air out of the ps3 and blows it away but I believe this also helps the ps3 suck cold air into the ps3 creating another small vacuum effect.

Some info I have picked up on the ps3 is that it sucks air through the front and two sides and expells hot air out the back of the ps3. In your case you will be using the 60gb unless you change by the time you start your project. I would not suggest using the 60gb unless you have opened up the unit and replaced the thermal paste. I believe the 60 gb draws in cold air from the bottom of both sides and expels hot air from the top of bath sides. You could just hook up to fans to either side blow cold in the left and have a fan expelling the heat?

The monitor is a 15 inch I would have gone for bigger but it's on a budget. I used a Dremel to cut four holes, it was very tricky and I was lucky to get it spot on. I used bolts that came with a tv mount I had that fit perfect. Once I mounted the screen it was a little wobbly so I used small pieces of foam behind the screen and it does not move at all now.

Hope that helps ask all you want : )

kbarnes6 (author)solidfunk2012-04-30

I've begun gathering materials for the project! A buddy of mine was moving and had an old computer he didn't want. I grabbed the fans out of there and rewired them to an old cell phone charger. I only have 2 fans and they are not blowers, but it's a start!

I am looking for a cheap 15-17" monitor and a slim PS3 for cheap. You said you would have went bigger on the monitor, what size? Also what size is the Pelican (hard) case you used. I need to shop for that as well.

This really has been an inspiration to be more hands on and creative.

PS: Do you use solder any for this project?

solidfunk (author)kbarnes62012-06-25

Hey Sorry Late Reply!

Sweet I think any fan's will do the trick I was just lucky to have a good amount of them. The trick I think is to get the hot air away from the PS3 But also letting the PS3 breath and not interrupting its natural airflow.

I don't know the size of the case to be honest but I got it at Maplins so check there site, Check a Website called HOTUKDEAL for cheap PS3.

I did not use any Solder, I am not very good with it but I will if I need two.

I think this is a great project I have always been interested in Portables and this is as close as I can get at the moment. Its an absolute killer taking this to a gaming night at your friends really cool!

boomman2u (author)2012-06-25

What version of the ps3 do you have?

solidfunk (author)boomman2u2012-06-25

Hey as in Firmware? I am not sure. 120GB Model?

caxtilteca (author)2012-06-02

This is one of the many ps3 mods that inspired me to make one on my own, it looks good and clean,also many people have wondered if they can power their ps3s and tv with batteries, it's possible, but the battery is heavy but you can charge it when empty,it's called DieHard portable power 1150,it's a multi purpose portable power, idk how much they cost but my brother in law has one and I used it the other day to play on my ps3 portable, I played for about 15 mins then I got tired and I turned it off, the battery was at 10% when I started playing,idk how empty was when I turned it off but it wasn't empty, hope this info helps anybody

jameshendo42 (author)2012-05-26

where did you get the rugged case from ??

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