Picture of Poseable Army Men
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The original poseable paracord army men!

I grew up playing with little plastic green army men. They were okay, but they couldn't really do much. They were either shooting guns, throwing grenades, or using binoculars. That was about it.

So I made some poseable paracord army men, and these guys can do all sorts of cool stuff. They're not just limited to war-type activities anymore; they can dance, scrapbook, chase butterflies... anything is possible.

If you make one of these, post a photo of it in the comments and I'll give you a code for a free pro membership to the site. I've got a bunch . . . but when they're gone, they're gone!
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Step 1: Get started

Picture of Get started
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paracord man 010.jpg
You will need some paracord and some thin wire. I used "bell wire" which I believe was 22 or 24 gauge.

Cut two strands of paracord, one about 44" and the other about 20". Remove the inner paracord strands. Cut two matching lengths of wire and insert them into the hollow pieces of paracord.

To keep the paracord from fraying, you can fuse the ends with a lighter as shown in the third photo.

Step 2: Basic body shape

Picture of Basic body shape
paracordman 010.jpg
Create the basic body shape with the longer piece of paracord, as shown in the photos.

The head shape should created at the mid point of the longer piece of paracord.

Step 3: Chest and torso

Picture of Chest and torso
paracord man 013.jpg
paracord man 014.jpg
paracord man 015.jpg
paracord man 016.jpg
Wrap the chest and torso with the loose ends of paracord as shown.

Step 4: Legs

Picture of Legs
paracord man 019.jpg
paracordman 024.jpg
paracordman 026.jpg
Wrap legs as shown. When you get to the bottom of the feet, trim off the remaining paracord and wire leaving about and 1/8" remaining.

Use a lighter to heat up this remaining bit, and moosh the molten glob down smooth with your thumb. (I highly recomment putting some spit on your thumb first!)

Step 5: Arms and head

Picture of Arms and head
paracord man 029.jpg
paracord man 030.jpg
paracord man 031.jpg
paracord man 032.jpg
paracord man 034.jpg
paracord man 035.jpg
The arms and head are wrapped with the shorter piece of paracord. Begin by feeding it through the chest section and wrapping around the head circle. Continue wrapping through both arms, and finish them in the same manner as the legs.

That's it!
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How do you do the arms and legs, the picture isn't very descriptive...

nick.brown.395 made it!4 months ago

this was a very easy project after i got the hang of what to do. it is also very important to make sure you head is in the very middle of the paracord

And the legs and arms are kinda confusing, how do you wrap them? Is it braiding?

Nevermind, I was just confused for a while.

This is amazing! By the way, where can you find paracord in the US?
michael.p.simpson made it!7 months ago

This one is my little ninja lol

seamster (author)  michael.p.simpson7 months ago

Cool, thanks for sharing the photo!

wbannister7 months ago
my attempt, only had pink at the moment but getting some more cord soon!
seamster (author)  wbannister7 months ago

Awesome! like the pink--it looks very nice!

It's actually time for me to make a few more of these. My kids have lost all the original ones I made.

Thanks for the photos!

wbannister7 months ago
going to make one today :) love them!!! I've only got pink paracord at the moment, can u reccomend a place to get paracord from?
seamster (author)  wbannister7 months ago
Thanks, glad you like them! Looks like you live in the UK (and I'm in the US), so I'm not much help finding paracord over there :)

It is available online from any number of stores though, so surely you could track some down somewhere close to you. Good luck!
AlexKein9 months ago
Great job gonna make an army of them both army and civilian para-men
14, 9:27 PM.jpg
remccarty11 months ago

great instructions!

kitty861 year ago
Thank You Very Much!!!
Dhani C1 year ago
What did you use for the base? Thanks for sharing the idea!
seamster (author)  Dhani C1 year ago
The base is made from a bit of cardboard from a cereal box. It's hot glued to one foot, and painted black.
Dhani C1 year ago
Here is mine.
13, 9:12 PM.jpg
seamster (author)  Dhani C1 year ago
Hey, nice work! Love the mini dagger.
Please give instructions! These are awesome, I need to know how to make them.
seamster (author)  Mr_Altitude1 year ago
Back by popular demand!
Thanks a lot.
phallstrom1 year ago
I really like it but i would like a full tutorial so i can see how the weave is done
seamster (author)  phallstrom1 year ago
Paracord man steps are up!
amoriak1 year ago
Please do a full tutorial on these they are so cool!!!
seamster (author)  amoriak1 year ago
Paracord man steps are up to date!
debmom4ca1 year ago
There was a tutorial for this project, now I can't see it. Do we have to buy directions now ? :(
seamster (author)  debmom4ca1 year ago
Paracord man steps are back up and up to date!
kitty861 year ago
Can I please get the full instruction so I am able to make these for my two year old? I am sure he would have a blast playing with these!!!!!
Thank you
seamster (author)  kitty861 year ago
Poseable paracord man steps are up to date!
wusupworld1 year ago
seamster (author)  wusupworld1 year ago
Paracord man steps are up to date!
sgtgibby1 year ago
Paracord army guy steps please! Those need to be entered in a contest!
seamster (author)  sgtgibby1 year ago
Paracord man steps are up to date!
Is it all one piece of cord?
seamster (author)  swim_guy51501 year ago
Nope, two separate pieces. Steps are up to date.
trisomy212 years ago
This is hilariously awesome, going to try it right now. Thanks!
seamster (author)  trisomy212 years ago
Thanks! I loved this project, so it's nice to see it still get noticed every once in a while.
Where did you get the stand. I made a army guy but need a stand
ArizonaSRMC2 years ago
Awesome project! Took a bit and didn't have any green, so I used some black and made a ninja! but I used scrap 550 cord and melted him to the stand, the nun-chucks were tricky but made it work! I am currently deployed and this helped me kill dome down time, Thanks!!
seamster (author)  ArizonaSRMC2 years ago
Thanks! I'd love to see a photo. Got a camera nearby?
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