Pot Lid Organizer





Introduction: Pot Lid Organizer

Ask a chef about what s/he does with his/her pots.... a good one will say "It's not what you do with your pot, it's where you put your lid!"

This is, naturally, a wise model to live by. Here's a pot lid solution from salvaged towel racks.

Step 1: Materials

I found these really cheap (as in quality) wall mount racks ready for incineration/landfill space. These are perfect!

You need
1: Some form of towel rack
2: Mounts for said towel racks
3: Velcro or screws

Step 2: Hack to Size

My racks wouldn't fit on my cabinets - so I took m hacksaw to them to remove a bit of material. These racks are made of two interlocking channels that can extend outward. Measure twice, cut once... or in my case - guesstimate, cut twice, fit on there and cut one more time.

Step 3: Attach

I attached some Velcro to the back of my fasteners - I can't destroy this rented apartment too much.

Here's something I learned awhile back in my engineering courses.....

When you apply a shear load, the stress will try to peel away from the top surface downward. This is why hooks and such have their screw mounts ABOVE the load rather than below or at the load point. So don't be tempted to apply a small amount of Velcro - apply a bit above the load point.

OR, screw into your cabinets - I would have if I could :)

Step 4: Alternate Location

I like my lids - they look good :) And I'm not afraid to show them off (I don't have enough inner cabinet space anyway :P). So here's another location to show off your rack. This time, I used screws and anchors directly into drywall.


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Cute idea! A lot of people have some old curtain rods lying around, and they could be put to good use this way. Thanks!

er, sorry but those aren't towel racks. They are cafe curtain rods. but love the idea!

How did you put the velcro onto the fastners. This is so awesome love this idea it will free up some space in my cabinet. Thanks for sharing.

Super smart. Thank you for sharing this!

Thank you, for this it looks good. I am going to do this for sure!

:) i love this idea. I am going to tinker with this over the next week or 2, i want to slightly adjust the concept to utilize a sturdy, long, 2nd hand wooden picture frame for 1. portability and 2. to prevent wall scuffs. I do live in an apartment, but im not overly worried about a couple holes in the wall to hang the frame. i thought that the ability to decorate the "backing" for this would be pretty as well. very excited to play with this.

great instructable. just happen to have some of those in the closet.

So doing this, right now I have mine in a cupboard that I have to practically crawl into to reach it, blessed with plenty of space to store things but it's a pain when you have to crawl to reach it. Thanks for making my life simpler!!!!!

I love this.I will definately be doing this in my new apartment.

Love your usage of velcro, that's an interesting workaround for the "don't spread sawdust around your rental" issue.