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I first saw a power button necklace posted on Pinterest,  it was called an iNecklace which can be found at Adafruit, it is made from CNC machined aluminum and the light gently pulses.  But with a price tag of $75 I opted to try to make one myself.  Mine is what you'd call the poor women's power button necklace,  it was put together from stuff I had lying around the house. Although my necklace is plastic and the light doesn't pulse, it cost me hardly anything to make and I put it together in one afternoon.

Step 1: What You Will Need

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  • Power button from an electronic device (mine came from an old computer case)
  • 10mm LED -I used a blue one
  • 3V button battery (I used a CR2016 from a dollar store)
  • Jewelry wire -to make the loop for the chain, I bought mine at a dollar store
  • A badge
  • Sugru
  • A necklace chain
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Drill or awl
  • (Optional) Electrical tape, black paint

Step 2: Prepare the LED

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The power button that I pried out of my old computer is fairly large in size, I could fit a 3V battery inside of it. I used a 10mm blue LED and sanded it so that the light would be more diffuse.  I bent the poles of the LED to fit around the button battery and then taped them so that it would stay put.

Obviously, not all power buttons are the same size, so if you make your own you may need to explore smaller size options for the LED and battery such as sequin LEDs and CR927 3V batteries.

Step 3: Prepare the Backing

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Next I needed a backing to hold the LED and battery in,  I also wanted to be able to remove it to change the battery when it died.  I found a small badge, that was the right size and used the badge shell for the backing.  I used some Sugru to form a seal around the back of the button to hold the shell on.  I took off the shell while the Sugru was curing so that it didn't become permanently attached. Once cured it created a snug fit holding the backing in place and it can be removed with a screwdriver or your fingernail when you need to change the battery. 

Step 4: Finishing Up

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I poked a hole in the top of the button with an awl to fit the loop for the chain which I formed with jewelry wire and needle nose pliers.  I also painted the rim of the button with black paint because I thought the button might otherwise look too large (since black is very slimming). I also painted the backing to make it look uniform.  Once the paint had dried I popped in the battery, but the backing on and it was ready to wear.


booksmart (author)2016-12-19

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. I hope to try it one day soon and share it here. Thanks and God bless.

Sock Puppet (author)2016-06-16

You can use a colour changing RGB LED in there. They have a tiny chip inside to change colour automatically and only cost pennies.

ChrysN (author)Sock Puppet2016-06-20

Nice, that would look great.

daringdolittle (author)2015-05-05

Awesome I cant wait to make it

Dashing Rainbow Dash (author)2014-11-19

Looks awesome!


SparkySolar (author)2014-11-04


KittyKissMe (author)2013-10-13

Lovely! <3 Need one.

Pete1013 (author)2013-02-13

What kind of power button is the one you used? Is it from an Xbox or something, cause all that i keep noticing is the rim, and i really like the size that you have...

that and im to lazy to look through my old electronics for a good one.:P

nice work, and have you ever thought about making plastic custom buttons that you can trim out a design with an X-acto knife?
ex: Doctor Who Logo

ChrysN (author)Pete10132013-02-13

The power button came from this case:

If I had access to a 3d printer or laser cutter, I could probably make a bunch of these.  I like the idea of a Doctor Who one that would be really cool, or batman even.

pratikdalal (author)2013-01-30

nice work

ChrysN (author)pratikdalal2013-01-30


Nozebra (author)2013-01-27

ooh... i like this!!

Dusk Shadows (author)2012-12-16!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ChrysN (author)Dusk Shadows2012-12-16


Dusk Shadows (author)ChrysN2012-12-16

No problem

MaskMarvl (author)2012-11-23

Cool idea! :)

ChrysN (author)MaskMarvl2012-11-23


naplatki (author)2012-11-05

Wonderful idea. Such key person should wear, who want to admit someone to his heart.

ChrysN (author)naplatki2012-11-05

Thank you!

Blade, Sr. (author)2012-10-29

€xcellent work ! In addition to solving the problem I face with a gift for my wife, it will be built with my own hands. It is certainly nice enough to invite questions from those she might meet. The one you like to hear posed to your wife, "That is so nice, it looks good on you and where did you buy it"?
Nicely done, clear instruction and very helpful comments from many. 

ChrysN (author)Blade, Sr.2012-10-29

Thanks! I am sure she will appreciate a gift hand made by you.

awoodcarver (author)2012-10-29

Very nice , very easy , well written .. and real neat

ChrysN (author)awoodcarver2012-10-29


wiccanbear (author)2012-10-28

this is great! the only thing that i did differently was i used one of those little push button on of glowy toys from the 75cent machines you see in EVERY store. that way i am able to just push the "power" button and it turns on and off. i did have to put in what my hubby called a soft gasket, so that it would be able to push down enough to trigger the push button. cost me less than 3$ to make it! thanks so much!

mdaymont (author)wiccanbear2012-10-29

You should sell those for a reasonable cost, i would be like first in-line, trust me lol

ChrysN (author)wiccanbear2012-10-28

Great idea!

justin.lee.85 (author)2012-10-29

Super cool idea! I'm wondering if it would be possible to create threading on the step when you mold the sugru. Maybe find a bottle that's the right size and use the sugru to mold around it?

Then you could screw in the backing to take the battery in and out. Or just modify it to turn on and off from the pressure of screwing in the backing. That way you can just leave it unscrewed when you're not wearing it and extend the life of the battery.

Now, to find someone who really wants a power-button necklace...

mdaymont (author)justin.lee.852012-10-29

I DO I DO lol, i would love one, i live and breathe computers so its only fitting i have a power button too

santajl (author)2012-10-29

Let´s use the necklace chain as an on/off switch when not wearing, it. It will extend battery life

frikkie (author)2012-10-28

Nice instructable. You get leds on the market that has a built in flash circuit which also makes the led pulse. you just power them up and they start to pulse.

iceng (author)2012-10-24

Cool Blue Job :)

wraith808 (author)iceng2012-10-28

That was ... bad. :-\

ChrysN (author)iceng2012-10-24

On my old computer the light was actually green but I thought blue would look nicer.

rmd6502 (author)2012-10-28

With a little creative soldering, I wonder if a SOIC attiny could be used to pulse the LED, but then you're getting more expensive again :-)

throbscottle (author)2012-10-28

I just can't help saying it.... nnnngg... no I have to! Doesn't this invite some really cheesy chat up lines?? (sorry)

ChrysN (author)throbscottle2012-10-28

LOL, yeah I should be careful where I wear this.

kderevan (author)2012-10-28

Excellent! I love this!

I am always looking at something cool but too expensive and saying to myself (in exaggerated tones, of course) "Why, I can make that for a FRACTION of the cost!"

You did it, girl!

ChrysN (author)kderevan2012-10-28


LittlestWorkshop (author)2012-10-28

You could also use the inserts found in "nite glow rings" these glow for 10 years without batteries though they would not be as bright.

ChrysN (author)LittlestWorkshop2012-10-28

Those would be great, I've never seen them before.

ynze (author)2012-10-28

Cool! How long does it glow on one battery? A small switch would be useful I think, but it's gonna be a tight fit to put that in...


ChrysN (author)ynze2012-10-28

I am not sure how long it will last (it is still using the same battery), I guess it is like an LED throwie, they say it can last a week or so. I slip a some paper between one of the leads and the battery to block the circuit when I am not wearing it.

sunshiine (author)2012-10-25

I will have to try this. I love adding lights to the things I make. Thanks for sharing.

nfk11 (author)2012-10-25

so have you seen thatshow revolution? that looks like an awesome prop or something.

ChrysN (author)nfk112012-10-25

Yeah, I watch the show. On the shows logo the "o" in Revolution is the power button symbol.

nfk11 (author)ChrysN2012-10-25

yeah,thats pretty cool. the other show,falling sky's,has the same kind of static thing

FrozenIce (author)2012-10-25

The Gadget Show?

azharz (author)2012-10-25

Nice, Easy and Cheap to make.

mikeasaurus (author)2012-10-24

It looks pretty close to the real thing, nice! I like how all the components fit together so nicely, and are easy to source.

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