The aim of this tutorial is to instruct one in making a Power Ranger helmet suitable for costume use or display using only inexpensive, safe materials and easy techniques.  

Materials and tools you need:

Thin cardboard such as cereal boxes

Elmer's Wood Glue (or similar brand)


Paper Mache Pulp

Sheets of Craft Foam

Hot Glue

A rotary tool with a cutting wheel and drill bit attatchments

Masking Tape

Spray Paints and Sealers

Step 1: Creating the "base" of the Helmet

The first step is to create the basic shape of the helmet.  To do this first we cut strips of cardboard about an 1.5" tall and 14" in length.  Use two of these strips to create a circle around your forehead with enough room to spare to fit comfortably and hot glue them together.  .  

Next use the strips to run from the middle of the forehead piece to the back.  This creates the curvature of the top of your helmet.  

Next we will make another circle, this time fitting around the bottom of your head around the jaw, again leaving enough room to wear comfortably.  After this is is done, use more strips to join the top half to the bottom circle.  

Once this basic "skeleton" is created all that is left is to fill the remaining spaces with cardboard.  I again used strips around the same size and made sure to bend them to the curvature of the basic helmet shape.  At this stage it is important to continually try on the helmet to make sure everything fits correctly, it's much easier to fix at this stage than later.  
<p>Whow! Great!</p>
<p>hi. just wondering if you have a template for the raised detail parts. thanks. </p>
<p>Thank you very much!</p>
<p>Wow. . . that looks really awesome. Thanks for the Instructable!!</p>
<p>nice, anyone have any ideas to make the molded mouth pieces found in other helmets</p>
<p>could you help with the green ranger helmet? this one is sick btw</p>
<p>uh how do you adjest the helmet? i would like to make the White ranger Costume for events </p><p>just being nice and postive </p>
<p>AWESOME!!!!!!! but can you help me (and other guys) with the rest of the costume? especially the suit and the armor...THANKS A LOT</p>
can you make a power rangers red samurai helmet for me
hi, do you have a template or anything you used for the raised parts?
I'm very tempted to try this out next month since Jason David Frank will be at a local convention. Only difference is that I am debating between Green, Yellow, or Pink ranger so I can do a tee/tank shirt cosplay for my panel.
Hnn...!!! THANK YOU for doing this!! Looking forward to do my first PR Cosplay (at first Kimberly but NOW Super Samurai Mia :D) but failed when wanna do the helmet. <br> <br>But NOW I found this great tutorial and the Project &quot;Mia&quot; can start. Thank you veeery much!!!
Hi! Y really want to thank you for this instructable. I was looking for a way to make my own power ranger helmet and this one was the right solution. <br> <br>I really wanted to be a power ranger too!!! <br>I follow your way and this are the results. <br> <br>http://sphotos-h.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/318929_4779735329348_1870046647_n.jpg <br> <br>It's not PERFECT, but it's close (i guess), and i'm really proud of it. <br> <br>And here is a pic of the entire suit, i take one from a friend and upgrade it ... lol <br> <br>http://sphotos-a.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/231183_4779763890062_1536644355_n.jpg <br> <br>Hope you like it! And again, THANKS!!!
Sooooooooooo Awesome!!! Loving It!!! Great Job!!!
I am having little trouble filing the helmet in. any tips
Ok im having alittle trouble filling in the gaps in step one <br>any tips?
how did you get it so smooth? i am using the compound but it still have the &quot;valleys&quot; and such
You really list all tools and ingredients to the list. You left out the drywall compound, joint compound and some other things. Also what primer did you use to make it look so shiny green in the third picture... it is hard to follow instructions when they are not complete...? I am not trying to be rude but if you could list all you used in the list part that would help a lot.... I would really appreciate it if you would take time out of your schedule and fix them. It would help a lot of other people too. but it was very well done... i give you 4.5 stars out of 5.
This is Sweet thanks for showing me the way of the paper mache i have a sweet concept for a helmet and im gonna post it once im done<br>
you shold i will by it i can't make it so if you can can you make a power jungle fury halmet blue. <br>
I like it very much, but what about the rest of the costume? I would love to see the rest of this. Will be back for voting. :)
Thanks! I plan on doing one for the rest of the costume, I just didn't have time to get it done for the halloween contest. I'll send you a message when it's up.
could you send me a message too? i'm working on a green ranger costume.
can you send me a message too?<br><br>thanks<br>
Can you do the same for me? I'm doing a fanfilm and would love to create original costumes.
Hello! It would be possible that you makes a video tutoriel of all the stages to make this helmet please?
oh sweet i have one outside right now drying the paper mache and i dont know if mine will come out as good as yours but i think ill be happy either way this is so freakin awsome <br>
I'm really happy to hear people are using the instructable! I'm sure it will turn out great, it just takes a lot of patience waiting for the layers to dry and during the sanding processes. Good luck!
i havea question when it says to use wood glue to seal the craft foam how do you do that do you just spread the glue across the foam
wow her eyes look scary!!
Did you use a circular sander to smooth it down? Sanding by hand seems a tall order.
It was all done by hand with sandpaper and a sanding block. It was definitely an arduous process especially considering you can't see the imperfections you missed until you prime.
This seems like a pretty good instructable XD I am using it as an example for my own custom designed helmet
hello i'm french :/ it's good tutorial But he(she,it) will be possible to make a video tutoriel if it please you? Because I am French and I use a site of translation to understand(include) English and it is not easy thank you for answering me good evening has you
peut-&ecirc;tre je peux vous aider. ma francais n'est pas trop fort mais, je vais essaye. Essentiellement on fait la forme de la masque en bandes de carton. Apres la, couper les orbites et la trou pour la bouche. Puis couvris avec la papier m&acirc;ch&eacute; et combler les lacunes avec de la pur&eacute;e jusqu'&agrave; en papier m&acirc;ch&eacute;. Sable, puis la peinture et le Premier.
Very Nice, Im guessing you can use this method to make any type of helmet. for example Daft Punk.
It definitely could be used for daft punk helmets or any number of others.
like dairanger red?
For bringing that up, I think I love you.
i plan on doing a red dairanger helmet GO GO P.R. HELMETS
Thks Dude now i can make my own gaoranger helmet
This is perfect for cosplay. The best and easiest so far. I'm definitely using this method! Thanks!
This is a livesaver. A couple of friends an I are starting a Kamen Rider series of our own, and the helmets were the stumbling blocks in our planning. Not anymore. Thanks for the awesome 'ible, man.
ooo nice. Am using this tutorial for a Kamen Rider costume myself(Kamen Rider Kuuga, as you can see from my display pictures).
Just like the other commenters have said. This is a very helpful tutorial! I'm making one as I type. Not exactly a Power Ranger costume but similar.
This is very helpful! Thank you very much for your contribution! I've been looking all over for a good tutorial and this is the best guide by far.
This is so awesome

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