Powerful Nerf Dart



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Introduction: Pieces You Need

Here is what you need
2 or 3 lego 1x1 lego studs/dots
a nerf dart with no tip
a nerf gun

Step 1: Putting It Together

Take the studs and put them together. Put them in the nerf dart so just a bit is showing.
There, you have it, but now the downside is that sometimes the dart is really inaccurate.



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    cool mod dude but they are not better than my half darts i say this becaust it turns my 35ft mav into a 45 maverick but your mod is still cool

    19 replies

    they are what i called.

    nerf shot because id take about 6 ram rod them down the barrel of my modded big blast pump 3 times and they sprayed big time.
    ill show you them in about 5 min also my mav has this weird barrel ishu where 1 will get 40-45 and the others will get 30-40 its weird but its still good.

    damn u got a big blast =o i really want one of those, what ranges does ur's get?

    i modded it now i only need to say 6 words.


    well yeah alot of them do, what ranges does it get though?

    ok i put a 1-3 ft of pvc on it and this frickin smokes at 2-2.5 pumps and nails over 110ft flat and i lose darts at angled ranges hint hint

    k nice, sounds like my handy dandy crayola barrels wont work for that then XD you know of anywhere that i could get one of those?

    lowes is where i got my pipeing and still do.

    i meant where could i get a big blast, and wouldnt u use cpvc not pvc?

    maals or amazon

    malls not maals my pc sucks also start commenting on my page so zack attack doesnt think hes getting comment about his modded darts ok

    lol im sure he doesnt mind some extra coments (not like he gets any anyways, no offense zach) and what you mean 'malls' like what stores in the mall?

    u spelled my name wrong and im offended

    lol sry mate, and i shouldnt be talkin, its not like mine get any =)

    ur instructible still sucks thou. >=)

    i wouldn't be talking. my instructable is rated more than both of urs.lol

    =o urs is stupid tho, theres like hundreds of instructables on how to "mod ur darrts", at least mine r original, and the rating system on this site is messed up.

    i flagged ur comments!!!!!!