Picture of Practical Superhero Costume
Comfortable. Easy. Last minute.

Last year I needed a superhero costume on short notice for a 12 hour, overnight relay. I wanted something that would be comfortable and warm, and this is what I came up with.

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Step 1: The Game Plan

Picture of The Game Plan
Most well known and original heroes' costumes can be represented using only a few solid coloured elements. If you wear a matching colour shirt and pants/skirt, with a large logo in a contrasting colour on your chest you will look like a superhero. No spandex required.

Enhance this by adding boots and a belt, mask and/or cape.

Step 2: Base

Picture of Base

Start by finding a set of clothes to serve as base for your costume. Raid your closet or a thrift store for comfortable, colour coordinated clothes.

Go for solid, bright colours and clothes that fit tight to the body. Baggy clothes and any logos that can't be covered up will ruin the illusion.

Step 3: Accessorize

Picture of Accessorize
Buy some felt or fleece and fabric glue, or a needle and thread, to make boots, a logo, a cape, head band, mask and or belt. Keep a look out for colour coordinated gloves.

You will need:
- Felt (get creative and use an old fleece vest or blanket*)
- Scissors
- Basic sewing supplies (needle, thread, pins) and/or fabric glue
- Marker
- Newspaper
- Rubber bands or hair elastics

*Felt is easier to work with.

BUT as Edna Mode said "NO CAPES!!" :-D

However, the cape does add to the SuperHeroness of the costume.

Crucio3 years ago
Makes the impossible seem possible. I like it for a lot of reasons! Great job.
LOVE IT! Very cool,thank you for sharing!
Flintlock3 years ago
What a great idea! Nice and simple.