The prank box is basically a sealed wooden box with an electric bell inside that is activated by a key switch. Once it is turned on, a relay inside the box is latched and it cannot be turned off without knowing the secret trick (Spoiler Alert: magnets). Quite understandably, a completely sealed box with a ringing bell inside that doesn't seem to stop can quickly become maddening. It is very funny to watch people ponder the implications of the device, reluctantly turn it on, and then stress out when they cannot turn it off. It is even funnier to get panicked emails from your friend in Canada after you mail it to him without any explanation, and he decides to ignore the directions on the box and turn it on.

Step 1: Go get stuff

You will need:

(x1) Laser cut 1/4"-thick plywood box template**
(x1) 6V electric bell
(x1) 4 x D battery holder
(x1) Reed switch
(x1) Latching DPDT relay
(x1) Key switch
(x1) 9V battery holder
(x1) 9V battery snap
(x1) 4-40 x 1/2" wood screws
(x8) 8" zip ties
(x1) 4" x 4" x 1/8" matte white acrylic
(x1) Black and red acrylic paint
(x1) 5-minute epoxy
(x1) 30-NF Fastbond contact cement
(x1) Wood glue
(x1) Masking tape
(x1) Red and black wire
(x1) Wood stain and 220 sandpaper (optional)
(x1) Shrink tube

**The laser cut template should be etched (when appropriate) and cut. The "DO NOT INSERT AND TURN KEY" shape should be etched and cut from 1/8" acrylic.
<p>I was working my kit up and am fairly new to this electronics, my bell rings as soon as I put the D batteries in, any thoughts on where I may of crossed my wires?</p>
Make sure the key is not engage. Try again.
<p>How do you charge the battery?</p>
<p>Next version could be lower power, with a sound chip playing a Justin Beiber song on repeat. </p>
<p> Remove the word &quot;NOT&quot;and the bell is turned off.</p>
<p>It will be a good thing if the red &quot;NOT&quot; word is the deactivator. Maybe with a magnet sheet...</p>
I'd put it into a welded steel box, with shock mounts or foam padding so if its hammered or drowned it'll survive I'd add a reed switch which needs a super strong magnet to activate, not your average hdd magnet strong but something even stronger
<p>Very interesting prank, i found a &quot;prank&quot; on stumbleupon, mixxloud dot com, you can troll your friend or enemy with beeps all day long, it's crazy!!</p>
<p>Oh nice prank I can keep my important things </p>
I have another idea: oscillating solenoids attached to weights to make the box shake.
A weight attached to a motor is usually an easier solution.
<p>If they shake it it should get louder</p>
<p>wow... i would hate to have you all you guys as my enemies</p><p>great ideas from all..</p>
Rad man!
Wow you must be a good wood worker
<p>Try using the car horns from &lt;a href=&quot;http://www.sparkfun.com/products/10966&quot;&gt;Sparkfun&lt;/a&gt;. That would be LOUD and hilarious...</p>
<p>Use a steel box with security screws so they can't break it open lol.</p>
<p>they would try and drown it</p>
Lol! Great, just great! Our neighbours to the south are now starting to entertain themselves by sending us curious Canadians pranks through the mail... Lol! Good one, eh!
It needs three things. <br /> <br />1) A button that is labeled &quot;Push To Turn Off&quot; which does nothing. <br />2) A dummy cord, plugged into a wall outlet, which can (and will) be unplugged after the &quot;Off&quot; button is pushed. <br />3) A dummy battery that can (and will) be removed after the &quot;Off&quot; button has been pushed and the cord unplugged.
No the dummy batteries button and cord should make it permanently louder once tampered with or make it stop for a few seconds and start again giving a false sense of hope and relief
That's a good one.. <br />The wall plug could be used to charge the batteries and <br />if you make it electronic:- <br />each time you try to turn OFF with the key or push the OFF button the volume, frequency and or pitch increases <br />or have the OFF button turn off for 3 seconds before it blasts louder... <br />Add a ticking sound with a blinking LED if it is unplugged or a count down timer <br />... <br />all my evil juices flowing as I am drooling
I work for an engineering firm... Are there any more button-pushing-prone people on the planet?
your evil :) <br />
It's got the batteries to run for a week <br />It's simple <br />It's tough enough to take a beating <br />There's no expensive circuit boards to get damaged when it is thrown against the floor <br />And it's almost impossible to figure out <br /> <br />The only ting it needs is a computer socket type power jack to recharge the batteries <br /> <br />The only thing better would be a clock so when they get it they turn the switch and it does nothing, so they leave it sitting there, but after the switch has been turned it triggers at 2AM. (adjusted for their time zone) Imagine trying to get it to stop at 2 AM!
Or, better: They turn the key, the bell goes off. Some small button on the side or under the box, under a lid that needs to be unscrewed with some weird bit, stops the bell. PHEW! Found the button! Finally, peace! <br> <br>A clock triggers the bell again at 2AM. <br> <br>Don't blame me if you end up with an axe planted firmly in your skull though.
Also add a fake unscrewable panel with a set of AA's that do nothing when removed or even make it louder stressing the victim of the prank even more
Awesome! I like it!
<p>my mom was scared</p>
<p>Did you have to move with your Auntie and Uncle in Bel Air?</p>
The bell is nice, but did you know that if you take the chip out of one of those musical greeting cards (that used to be really popular and that you can still find sometimes) it will run continuously for approximately two and a half *years* on a single, alkaline C cell?
Not done that for ages! <br />I like to stick one of these into some sort of waterproof container (35mm film canisters etc) with only one hole for the sound to get out of the peizo - then throw it up on a neighbours roof into the gutter above their bedroom! <br />(not next door though!)
Fantastic idea :) If you can get it stuck inside the gutter down pipe that would be perfect. They'd have to remove the whole pipe to get it out!
That's awesome. But won't removing the chip remove the song as well? I think the song is more annoying than a flat tone.
You throw the card away and just use the chip. You don't need a 4X8&quot; card to hold a chip and a speaker that are each the size of a quarter.
Ohhhhh... that's what you meant. I get it. Thanks for replying.
Hah ha ha ha!!! Now THAT would be a great long-term, insanity-driving prank!!!
Fantastic 'ible! I just don't have the woodworking tools required.
I have one word for this: Library.
Just imagine: you set it on the table beside your friend with the key, and act as if you are walking out. Hide behind a bookshelf and watch as he freaks out, frantically searches for a solution, and decides to just book it (no pun intended) out of there! SO funny!
Awesome :)
You could modify the box to look like a book. It should activate when removed from its position!
Well, with your idea it seems more like a set-up and less like your own stupidity led to the annoying noise. It's a cool idea though.
To be fair, I think many (most?) people would equate picking up a copy of Twilight with stupidity ;)
twilight series....
Oh you are bad but I do like your thought process:)
Your Evil just pure EVIL I tell you but I must say it scared the hell out of my friend I customized it a bit to my likings lol it cracks me up all the time. Lol
How about a smoke detector instead of a bell? Seems like it would be much more annoying...
Yes, that is the perfect noise.

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