I made a Master Chief Helmet from Halo a couple of years back for a space girl shoot. I didn't really finish it to a high standard, just painted it up with all the facets still in place. Seemed to look OK to me, however I liked the Pepakura system so I decided to look around for a Predator Bio helmet design and I found this PEP file


You will need the Pepakura Designer software which can be used for free with limitations. You can get the software


I downloaded the PDO PEP files, then had to re-arrange it because I am using A4 card for mine and the PEP is set up for Letter. No big deal, just shuffle the bits around.
I did find a different PEP file set up for A4 AFTER I had finished this, so I may decide to build that as well later.

Step 1: Print, cut out and assemble

After you have downloaded the PEP file, use Pepakura to print it out onto card stock. I use standard card for this, it available at any good stationers or office supplies retailer. It's basically greeting card thickness, quoted in Europe as 180gsm, I don't know the US equivalent.
I used yellow card since that's what I had in stock.

This PEP came out at 8 pages. I began with the crown and worked my way downwards carefully cutting out the sections and gluing them together with general purpose glue.

Very fiddly, and time consuming. It took me two evenings of solid work to produce the card model. Some bits didn't seem to have quite the right contours compared to the movie stills I was using as a reference. The jowls seemed too flared out. I eventually put a strip of masking tape across the back to pull the mask into a better shape.

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