How do you get juicy, tender, flavorful pulled pork in under 2 hours? You pressure cook it. I'd happily enter this recipe in any barbecue competition, though I'd rather save the pork for myself! 

This recipe from the book Pressure Cooker Perfection by the Editors at America's Test Kitchen is a winner.  Even better for us in Ohio, it can be made inside, year round. My dad made sure to ask for some for his Father's day meal, and we'll be enjoying it many more times to come. 

The pork is simply prepared with a sweet-spicy rub, the juices that result from containing all the flavor in the pressure cooker get boiled down to make fantastic barbecue sauce. Slow and low definitely has its place, but I'm glad to be able to bring the barbecue inside in a fraction of the time most other pulled pork recipes call for. 

Serves 6-8 

Step 1: Gather Ingredients

You'll need:

3 Tbsp. packed brown sugar, plus extra as needed (I used light brown sugar.)
2 Tbsp. paprika
2 Tbsp. chili powder
2 tsp. ground cumin
Salt and pepper
1 (4-pound) boneless pork roast (often labeled Boston butt), trimmed and cut crosswise into 4 pieces
3/4 cup cider vinegar, plus extra as needed
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup ketchup
1/2 tsp. liquid smoke 
6-8 hamburger buns (we like King's Hawaiian) 
I've been using this recipe as a base for quite some time now. With less chili powder and using some quality BBQ sauce instead of the liquid smoke that I can't find around here. And with an old fashioned pressure cooker. <br><br>Thanks for the recipe!
<p>Really great! Out of all the recipes I've seen, this is definitely a keeper. Thanks!</p>
<p>This recipe is too good! We have made it so many times. On mye way to the supermarket to buy the ingredients, to make it again.</p><p>Thank you!</p>
<p>Thank you! I'm also in love with this recipe, now we can enjoy barbecue no matter what the weather is! </p>
<p>I've wanted to try making pulled pork for a long time but the 5 to 10 <br>hours required in the recipes I've found always kept me from trying. I <br>made it following your recipe on Sunday and it came out great! I only <br>had a problem, after about 30 minutes it run dry and stuck to the bottom<br> of the cooker, probably because mine it's an old model and it lets out a<br> bit more steam than it should. So released the pressure, added more liquid and put it on again, and I was rewarded with a tender and juicy pulled pork just a tiny bit of it charred on the bottom. The sauce was ok but not special, but I guess that's because lots of the goodiness was stuck on the bottom of the cooker. Definitely something I'm going to make again, thank you for sharing!</p>
<p>How long does one reduce the sauce, and does anyone have suggestions on how to remove the oil/fat from the sauce without chilling it?</p>
<p>As per the final step, the sauce takes 15-20 minutes. I pour the sauce into a fat separator and reduce the sauce in a small saucepan. If you want to reduce in your PC, you can skim the fat off. I usually keep about one cup of liquid to pour over the pork after shredding, then reduce the rest for sauce. </p>
<p>I have made this a few times now with great results. It's the first thing I ever pressure cooked! I always adjust the barbecue sauce to our family's taste when I'm reducing it, adding garlic and onion powder, and more brown sugar. The meat is tender, juicy and delicious, and there's plenty of leftover sauce, which is great on grilled pork chops, ribs or for dipping. Thanks for an awesome recipe!</p>
<p>I just bought a 4 qt pressure cooker today and this is the first recipe I tried. It turned out fantastic. I eyeballed the measurements for the rub (I recently moved and must have lost my measuring spoons in the process). I used a Chipotle Chili powder and didn't have any Paprika. It turned out amazing. I couldn't even get the meat out of the pot without it falling apart, it was so juicy. I will definitely be making this again!</p>
<p>I did make this, didn't take a photo. I followed the recipe as written. It was not exactly to my taste, I think the chili powder isn't what I normally think of for BBQ. That said, the pork coupled with cole slaw and homemade beer bread made the guests happy and I was not embarrassed to serve it, just not a recipe I will make again.</p>
Thank you for a pressure cooker recipe! I use mine a lot. This will be perfect for the cold days of Winter when we are all wishing it was Summer.

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