Introduction: Birthday/ Princess Crown

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This is how you can create a wonderful birthday/ princess crown.

Step 1: What You Need

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Here is what you need

-toilet paper roll



-colored paper

-yellow/ gold paint

Step 2: Paint the Roll

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First paint the toilet roll. Use gold or yellow paint.

You can first put some white paper around the roll. Then you only need one layer of paint.

Let it dry. Meanwhile you can cut out the decoration.

Step 3: Decoration

Cut out a stripe from the paper. Also cut out a number (if it´s a birthday) or a diamond (if it´s for a princess (you can use a glitter stone for that, too).

Use colored paper to stamp out little stars.

Step 4: Cut the Crown

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Cut little triangles out of the toilet paper roll, that you have the typical crown form.

Step 5: Glue Everything Together

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Now glue the stars to the sharp edges of the crown (see picture step 4). Put the paper stripe and the number (diamond) on the toilet roll. Use glitter to create your personal crown.

Make little holes and add an elastic strap, that it will hold on your head.

There you go - a wonderful princess crown!


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