Step 7: Reassemble glasses and enjoy!

Picture of Reassemble glasses and enjoy!
Finally assemble the glasses and you are ready for some fun!
People might think you are crazy, staring at a blank white screen wearing sunglasses!
But I guess that makes it even more fun!

can it work tft moniter


kwinters22 years ago
destroyed my computer..... good thing i tried it on my OLD one first...
Stefniamoo2 years ago
Awesome. Im always looking for more better ways to look crazy :D
Skeletor2313 years ago
Would this also work on tv's with LCD?
Stuchi3 years ago
I'm giving you a choice. Either put on these glasses, or start eating that trash can.
jcksparr0w3 years ago
i love it dude
beaver843 years ago
Electorials3 years ago
Really awesome!
cool man!!!!!
clee453 years ago
I think it will work well with the mobile phone. I have a concern about touch function. Anyone ever tried this?
Uthman3 years ago
i went on craigslist and picked up a 14" gateway lcd for 15 bucks. not bad I guess, a buck an inch.

so i tried this and everything works as per specification. what i did notice, however (and what the article neglected to mention), was that the polarization film makes the contents of the screen fuzzy -- especially the further you are away from the monitor. If you are more than 2 feet away from it, then just forget it. as cool as this project is, due to this limitation, it's really more unpractical than anything else.

the filter was made to function while pressed directly onto the glass. even moving the filer an inch away from the glass and you can already see a large degradation in picture quality.
Will this work with the Sony PSP?
It'l work on anything with an LCD screen. So yes, it works on PSP.
Ds HaKa3 years ago
What all these people are realizing is that if you can watch the normal LCD TV with prescription glasses, you can do this.
smwlkc3 years ago
VERY WONDERFUL HACK!, personally i'm not sure i would have ever thought of this myself, I do say tho, i'm not as prone to trying it since i really don't have an extra monitor laying around to rip apart, and knowing my luck possibly ruin. :p
Solokian3 years ago
I'm probably not the first one to get this idea, but could we use polarized filters to block out those pesky video advertising board in the subway?

I guess one would only need 3D glasses with each lens with the same polarization, right?

Now the perfect thing would be to find transparent polarized filters...!
wwinquist3 years ago
I have two questions, both of which deal with one problem: I wear prescription glasses. How well does this thing work if you try to use both your lenses and the polarized film? Also, would getting prescription 3D glasses work with this as well? (What about regular 3D glasses like you can get at Best Buy?)
dado3 years ago
Very cool
Just wondering if this can be adapted to work with prescription glasses?
duckef3 years ago
Teenagers can now watch pr0n at home with headphones on and no one will suspect a thing!

See this is why I hate being old we never had such cool things when I was a teenager :(

Cool idea though I think I will do it to scare my house mates into thinking I've lost the plot.
klimb duckef3 years ago
Ergh, can't imagine watching porn would be too enjoyable with your parents hovering around.
rschuijers3 years ago
Dude, this is awesome,
I am going to do this, so I can see the look on my little brother's face when he sees me
apowers33 years ago
Can it be used with an old computer monitor, like the one that is sticking far out of the back? There is a picture of it below...
Nope. It has to be an LCD monitor.
nboost3 years ago
can i use the polarized glasses for everyday life ?
ljarrald13 years ago
i have about 5 laptop screens from old laptops, all of them would fit in my current laptop, i might modify one of the screens for this (would be brilliant for the train!)
i was thinking that to. i have a 'spare' laptop i use strictly for doing things that to me are non critical but i might use it for more while on the road with such a brilliant privacy screen. my only issue is i wear glasses so i would have to create a custom clip on for over my glasses
dgiard13 years ago
Ok, i'm glad i did this with a monitor i wasn't using because its now in the recycle bin... i was thinking to trash it for a long time so i dont care but if you do this, do it with a monitor you actually want to replace anyway... :)
Xarxos3 years ago
Any idea if this works with LED monitors as well?
mcavano Xarxos3 years ago
LED monitors have the same LCD matrix, they just have a different back light system, which is of no consequence to this hack. Should work great!
ferralll3 years ago
This would be great to do with a laptop!
I have seen people put up security shields on them, so that only they can see their work. But this would be really cool.

But I am afraid to take apart my laptop like that.
problem with the security shield is that anybody dirctly behind you can see it too. this way they'd have to peep through the little bit of excess that may hang off the side of your head
ofrancis3 years ago
but if the screen has a polarity film on it doesn't that mean it's protecting your eyes from the damaging light coming from the screen, and then removeing it is making you more exposed???
Also, you're not removing the polarity film, you're just moving it from the screen to your glasses. Either way, it's in between you're eyes and the light, so even if there was any "damaging light" it wouldn't be a problem.
How exact is the angle? Don't you have to sit verrrryy straight and calm to see anything?
boaslad3 years ago
Very nice 'ible. This would very useful at the local coffee shop. There's lots of stuff I don't want other people being able to see, i.e. bank accounts, emails, private conversations. I may have to try this some day. Very nice.
mpepino3 years ago
I think if you dont want to take apart your pc or sceen you can ad another polarity foil in front and make the glasses i think it would be the same thing.

I just wonder if that's good for the eyes.
No, I don't think so, if you add another polarity film in front polarized in the other orientation, it will just block ALL the light coming through, and you will have a black screen. You have to take apart the monitor for this to work, because you have to remove the polarized film to allow the polarized light from the LCD to come through.
gantyman3 years ago
until you tilt your head and everything goes black...ಠ_ಠ
ggarnier3 years ago
I applaud your audacity! I'd never be so brave as to risk destroying a working monitor.

It must be fun to sit at Starbucks with this!