in this Instructable I want to show you, how you can program your Arduino with your Android device. It is very simple and cheap. Also it allows us to program our Arduino where ever we want, this is usefull for permanently installed Arduino boards, like in light controllers...

So lets get started! :)

Step 1: Materials and Tools


A USB-A to USB-B cable ( http://www.amazon.de/AmazonBasics-USB-2-0-Kabel-A-... )

A USB-Host cable (OTG cable) ( http://www.amazon.de/USB-OTG-Adapterkabel-Adapter-... )

An Arduino( http://de.farnell.com/ )

1 LED (for testing)

A Android device with Android 4.0.0+ (or with host aviability)


ArduinoDroid or

ArduinoCommander from the Google Play store

<p>i have a few old android devices kicking around, i plan to connect one and see what happens. you have a touch screen, accelerometer, GPS, compass, many built in sensors on just your average smart phone. could be a powerful combination. thanks for posting and fueling the fires of imagination :-)</p>
<p>That Idea is awesome, I guess i have to try it too! I think compiling apps with Processing and combine that would also be great!</p>
<p>there is a processing app in the google playstore. (why they ever changed it from the Android Market, i have no idea ;-) )</p><p>an update, i did connect my android device successfully to an UNO, a Micro, and a 3.3 volt ProMini thru an FTDI cable. they all worked flawlessly.</p><p>i can't stand going thru TSA security, so i leave as much stuff home as possible, especially my laptop. i bring a RPi and a few other gadgets to keep busy, and now, thanks in part to your instructable, i have one more toy to play with and still leave my laptop behind!</p>
<p>Youre welcome :p</p><p>I didnt know, that there is a Processing app, sounds awesome.</p><p>I meant the Android Compiler in the newest version of Processing, I already compiled a few apps for my mobile phone, they all work great!</p>
<p>To not drain power from phone, get one of these:</p><p><a href="http://routerboard.com/5VUSB" rel="nofollow">http://routerboard.com/5VUSB</a></p><p>plus 5V 2A supply.</p>
<p>Awesome, Thank you!! :)</p>
<p>Works great, awesome! This helps a lot in changing values during competitions.</p>
<p>Nice! :)</p>
<p>Can we unplug the usb and add an alternative power supply after uploading the code</p>
<p>Does clone audino uno works with Android?</p>
<p>Hello, this is my first arduino project: sending a file (jpeg, pdf, txt)<br> from an arduino sd card module to android phone using arduino uno and <br>bluetooth module HC-05<br><br>have you any suggestion about the android app to receive the file ?<br>thank you</p>
I working with samsung galaxy j7 with lollipop but the arduino commander doesn't recognise the arduino uno board. Pll help me
I love the Instructable! I have tried a couple of Android programs a few years ago, maybe even one of these, but I tend to write Arduino code that requires external libraries and span multiple files and it never worked out. This is an excellent solution for smaller, simpler sketches. For those who are a little tech savvy but can't get their phone to talk to your Arduino, try this along with a 9v battery and a plug adapter: http://makezine.com/projects/diy-arduino-bluetooth-programming-shield/<br><br>You should be able to upload via Bluetooth, though i haven't tried it myself yet.<br><br>This is outside the scope of this Instructable, but I just picked up a cheap ($65 on sale at Fry's) Windows 10 tablet and installed the Arduino IDE directly onto it. It's shortfall, being so cheap, is no USB except for charging, so I'm going to make that Bluetooth shield to program it with, but it'll be just as portable as the solution presented here.
<p>i used OTG many many times with keyboad and the mouse so i know it works fine , but the Arduino i'm having a problem , when i connect the Board with my android phone via OTG , the Arduino lights up and but in the phone i can't find it , when click on ''discover devices &quot; , it tells me no devices however the arduino is lighting and working ..<br>So how do i fix this ? how i make the phone detect the arduino board in the Arduinocommander App ?? <br>thank you </p>
Same problem here. OTG Cable plus LG G3 plus Mega 2560 ch340g but no fucking connection. I also tried with external power supply but no communication possible.
sir i am using an marshmallow version of lava pixel v1 and when i connect arduino uno board to my mobile the arduino lights was on but arduinodroid and arduino commander do'nt find the board .<br>i am ising mouse and keyboard with my mobile they work fine ....
<p>i'm having the same problem , did you find any solution ?</p>
<p>arduino uno original? It serves a device ch340?</p>
I tried but it doesn't work because my phone doesn't have otg support, is there any other way to use. I'm using micromax yuphoria
did the arduinodroid and arduino commander support android marshmallo version
<p>error: return code is not zero or something like this, what can i do? thanks</p>
<p>Hi, does your phone have OTG?</p>
<p>yes, I am using keyboard and flash disks</p>
<p>okay, meh</p>
<p>can i use it with Arduino Due? if so, can i make the phone get the readings of a sensors and manipulate it as i want??</p>
<p>Not by now, but it is planned</p>
can I do it on<br>Android laptop?
<p>I think so</p>
Thanks for your instructables. It was good and very helpful for me.Thank you.
<p>You're welcome :)</p>
<p>Ok I have a bit of a problem with my arduino because its a clone with CH340G chip.</p><p>I need a suitable driver for android, do you know about any? Thanks for replies</p>
Hi, have you solved your problem? I'm in the same situation with my dcduino, i cannot upload to board...
Hi, I still haven't solved my problem :(
<p>Damn!!!</p><p>I'm trying android driver for ch340 that i've found <a href="http://www.wch.cn/download/CH341SER_ANDROID_ZIP.html" rel="nofollow">here</a> but at the moment I haven't solved too...</p>
Are you using a nano so I am using a uno which I should buy ch340 or 16u2 plese answer
<p>ch340 should work, 16u2 I dont know.</p>
<p>No, sorry, I dont know any drivers for android, doesnt it work with Arduino Droid?</p>
I am using a arduino R3 at mega 382p and ch 340 G is their diffrences between 340 G and 340 please answer<br>
<p>I don't know, but the IDE supports the 340G chip</p>
Are you sure that it will work because sometimes it crashes<br>
<p>as you just said, it works.</p>
Which is the correct ch 340 or 16uc
<p>Hi, very cool instructable, but one question. What if the Arduino board draws too much current or if I accidentally short circuit something? I don't want to damage my phone!</p>
<p>Well, that's a good question, the USB-port should shut down automaticaly, but I am not 100% sure, if you mobile phone will do that. </p>
Does it work with any otg cable? I everything up with the otg cable and the USB a to b. I hooked it up to a moto e running on kitkat 4.4.4. I didn't download the app yet. But the arduino didn't turn on(the built in LEDs didn't turn on). Is it a problem w my otg cable? Or do I need the app first?
<p>Which device do you have, sometimes, they dont have an OTG mode or they dont turn it on... There is only 1 type of OTG kable, so that should work...</p>
I have the moto e. it isn't a tablet but it should work with a phone right?
Only moto e second generation 4g LTE phone SUPPORT OTG.
<p>Yea, most new phones have OTG, but sadly the Moto E doesnt support otg :/</p>

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