Picture of Programmable Keypad
I recently got an internship with a company that is a distributor of industrial products such as hydraulics, pneumatics and various other mechanical and electrical devices.  My  most recent assignment was definitely work for an intern.  They have an online store with tens of thousands of products and lucky for me, approximately half of these items did not have an associated picture or datasheet.  My job, to take this giant speadsheet of pictureless items and search for them online and the save the pictures in one folder and the datasheets in a separate folder.

Now after the first day of constant copying and pasting, and having to change the folder I was using, my hand hurt and I was tired of the repetition so I got the idea.  I had an idea earlier in the year to make a little keyboard that I could use for symbols when writing a lab report, like the ohm symbol, micro symbol, etc.  Well I never did do that but I had all the parts for it so I decided to finally make this project and use it to help me at my job.

I would like to point to an episode of SparkFun's Engineering Roundtable that gave me the headstart to do this project.  It can be found here.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Arduino Uno(https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11021)


Sparkfun enclosure(https://www.sparkfun.com/products/8601)

Small pushbutton, NO(already had)

USB cable(already had)

Ribbon cable with headers or jumper wires

Step 2: Setup

Picture of Setup
To get started, I looked at the pictures of the keypad on the Sparkfun website, specifically the picture with the buttons removed.  This allowed me to trace the tracks and figure out which pin corresponds to which row or column of the keypad.  After doing this, I loaded up the example keypad sketch from the Arduino website (here).  I loaded this code just as a base and used it to make sure that all of the pins were assigned correctly using the serial terminal to confirm.

Once I found out which pin was which, I assigned each one to an Arduino pin.
dan300812 months ago

Have you had any problems with ghosting with this keypad?

jordantallent (author)  dan300812 months ago
I have not had that problem before.
Brill, thanks :)
creasty1 year ago
hey,friend it's look like u have a great knowlage on arduino i need ur help,i m new to arduino..i want to run arduino programme which i'hv (made for leonardo board only) and check whether there is any error in programme or not..and than i want to upload this programme in programme board and acorrding to programme it'll run 2 gear motor,so how can i check it and load it..can u please tell me step wise instruction or put instructable type vedio..i'll be thankfull,thank you
jordantallent (author)  creasty1 year ago
I have thrown together a simple Instructable that should be able to help you...http://www.instructables.com/id/Controlling-Motors-with-Arduino/