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This is my entry for the "Fix it & Improve It Contest" in which I have improved on a simple sheet- which  we hung along ceiling with some weight on the bottom of it  - for a projector screen to make a better version without spending any real cash for it!

After seeing time and again how others have made projector screens using spadex, pvc and wood, I finally got up the gumption to make my own.  The problem I have is that I have a severely limited budget, and a really cheap Wonderwall projector that the kids use to watch Netflix shows from the Wii on.

As you can probably tell, spending anything on this project wouldn't be something I'd like to do.  In this instructible I'll tell you how I put together a really decent screen for no money and using things I already had.  I'll also tell you where to find materials for free if you really put some effort into it.

((Comments and questions are welcome! Thanks for taking the time to look this over!))

Step 1: Step One: What you will need

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      1. White hospital blanket or white sheet. (If you can get one from the hospital then make sure it isn't one with the name printed down the center.)

      2. Bleach & Laundry Soap

      3. 6 pieces of wood – 2 x 6ft & 4 x 4.5ft (Scrap is ok as long as it is straight.)

      4. Screws – At least 1 ½ inch long.

      5. Staples

      6. Spray Paint – Any color will do (this is optional and I didn't do it since it was raining the day I chose to build this)



  1. Saw

  2. Staple Gun

  3. Screwdriver or Drill with a screwdriver bit

  4. Small Drill bit - (I used a ¼ inch one I think)

  5. Scissors

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Great, thanks for the details .
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You are welcome. Thanks for the comment!