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wapatterson (author) 3 years ago
I am thinking of taking the hot tub apart for winter.

Notes to self on next project---
Someone has some free red bricks for me- about 100 of them.
I am thinking of making a burn-chamber thing to sit under the tub to put a fire directly under the hot tub.

The bricks wouldn't be mortared so they can be used for something else later as this is an experiment.

I would use an old pot I have to burn things in.

Needed to do this:
1. Place a drain directly under the tub so drainage is easier.
2. make a better cover with two pieces to make opening easier.
3. Make a smoke stack in the bricks to draw air.
4. Weld or attach a rod to the burn pot to pull it out before use.
5. figure out a method to back fill the area not directly over the burn chamber.
6. make steps to get in & out.
7. Possible insulation options or decking around the tub.
8. lights for the tub.
9. place to hang bathrobes.
10. place for spa bubbler.