Picture of Puppy Fairy Costume Wings
If its an occasion for costumes, why not turn your fuzzy creature into a mythical one with these faerie wings? With barely any cost and just some skill you can make some wings for a dog (or anything else, really) of any size.

I was out looking for a costume for my 2 pound Teacup Pomeranian Gigi, but nothing was small enough or cute enough. Ive been making faerie wings (For humans) for a while though and I decided to scale my original, more simple design down a bit to fit her. Heres the result:

Step 1: Your materials

Picture of Your materials
I didn't need to go and buy anything for this project but instead foraged around my house and craft supply boxes for things I would need. Though I'm an avid crafter and have a large supply of items, you may need to pick a few things up. Heres a list of the things you'll need:

- A puppy - (Or any pet you have and want to stick wings on) My dog Gigi is perfect for this
- A hot glue gun
- A metal hanger (Get it from a dry cleaner or your boyfriend's closet)
- Shimmery translucent fabric, (Chiffon works: mine was part of a flower arrangement)
- Felt or any other stiff fabric
- Acrylic or fabric paints
- Acrylic paint sealant spray
- Paintbrush
- Sewing machine and needle & thread
- Short length of Velcro (Back and front!) OR a large safety pin
- Scissors
- Wire cutters
- Needle nose pliers
- Things to decorate the harness (I chose pearls, little fabric flowers, silk ribbon, and glitter)

You could always substitute these items with ones you have and think would work, though Ive made lots of sets of fairy and angel wings and Ive found these to be the best ones.
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catlily7 months ago
Cute dog! Soo tiny! Nice idea, maybe I could make a cat sized one for my cat!
15 10:35 am.jpg
MadelineM9 months ago

This is so adorable! Your dog is a little cutie!

FairyJax1 year ago

Very cute! I run a fairy party business and was looking for cute ideas for my puppy when she joins me at charity events. I'll definitely borrow your idea!

hscw1 year ago
Imma make my puppy dress up as that next year even tho He's a boy!! Whatever
Awesome design! Thank you.
I can't wait to make this for my basset hound! She's gonna look adorable!
Super great instructables!
Lazy Susan3 years ago
Wonderful idea for my wienies! Thank you. Easy and do-able even for me!
Good instructions....great job!
sally3003 years ago
that is too cute!!!!!!!
OMG, Off-topic. But, that dog is soo friggin' cute(: haha
fonzuzu4 years ago
i tied it but i cant find any felt where i live can i use cotton instead?
fonzuzu4 years ago
i love it im gonna try it for my puppy (the one in my id pic ) she's a little big now but im sure she'll look adorable .
This is awesome! Thanks for posting. :-)
neologik4 years ago

it lokks like a little bug in the grass, so cute...
cogni4 years ago
I agree with the guinea pig comment. I am going to try bat wings based on your idea, for my little boy guinea piggies.
I can't believe there are full-grown dogs as small as yours. My piggies weigh 1200 and 1400 grams respectively. That is well on the way to 3 pounds each.
MrsB20104 years ago
This is so fun and cute! My mom is getting a new puppy so I will have to try this.
I was thinking, you could also sew on snap buttons instead of velcro. Just a thought.
adorable. i tried makin it but i dont have much hand eye cooridination
violetkitty4 years ago
what i would have done is got costume irradessant stockings and put it over it and stitched it close to the wire
Meganoki4 years ago
THAT PUPPY IS SOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!! I JUST WANT TO STEAL IT AWAY FROM YOU!!!! but i do.... but ill go to jail if i do.... but really really cute costume and PUPPY!!!!
ArtisticBabe (author)  Meganoki4 years ago
She's three years old and even prettier in the face and sweet as could be :) She's expecting puppies of her own now too!
i wish i could have one!!!! i bet they'll be soooooooooo cute too.
Omg, so adorable.
Iyer27115 years ago
Super easy project, adorable Gigi, but it all was nothing n front of the instruction "A metal hanger (Get it from a dry cleaner or your boyfriend's closet)" .... :D
finally a costume that will fit a guinea pig!
Goodhart6 years ago
Sorry I came on this so late.....cute idea. The picture of Gigi, in the second pic on the last step looks like she is begging to NOT let her other friends see her like this LOL
ROFL! Things you'll need: A puppy A glue gun My imagination ran wild. Thanks for the tute!
don't forget the glitter though, lol
NRen2k56 years ago
I think Gigi would make an even better BUMBLEBEE! :)
ArtisticBabe (author)  NRen2k56 years ago
omg! a bumblebee! great idea!
Sweet! I'm making them for my friends Pomeranian, but I have to wait cause I'm at the harness making part and I need the dog.
I love them -- super cute.
funkypam7 years ago
may i recommend...to any who may not want the frame to show on the bottom, you could leave a half inch or so of fabric and fold it over the wire before gluing it down. then both sides could be painted and colorful. especially if you like the wings bent upwards!!
J_SCAP7 years ago
its qute but i dont belive in dressing up pets
Love it.
Normally, I frown on Instructables that start with "take one small puppy and a glue gun....." I almost can hear the insane cackling of a bunch of bored teenagers with time on their hands! Put down the puppies, kids, that is against the law! BUT, this was really cute! AND, you did stress the safety and comfort of the dog above all. Great job!
missD7 years ago
Oh wow... these are so cute! I wish I had seen this before I bought my puppy angel wings at Wal-mart...at least they were only $5. I think I am going to try to make these anyway, they're so much cuter!
ArtisticBabe (author)  missD7 years ago
Thanks so much love. :) I think I saw those too, but they were too big for my too-tiny dog. I'm going to make another Instructable soon on how to make feathered angel wings for pups too so stay tuned. :)
Those are adorable! Cute dog, too! I would like to make little costumes for my cats just to be funny. I know they wouldn't keep them on, though. :P
ArtisticBabe (author)  jessyratfink7 years ago
Thank you for the compliment. :) I love her too. I have a cat and when I (tried to) put the vest w/ the wings on her she showed her displeasure very vocally....so I wont be trying that again. haha
awoodcarver7 years ago
LOL my daughter could save a bunch of money on our pom that wont keep anything but a tee shirt on .Nice work I will show her and maybe she can make Fred something he will keep on
ArtisticBabe (author)  awoodcarver7 years ago
Thanks. :) Yeah if you do the measuring really good for the harness/vest, its really snug and if you leave them to run around in it for a little while they really become accustomed to it.....plus with the Velcro its pretty much impossible to get out of. :P
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