Pusheen Cat Cake

Picture of Pusheen Cat Cake
I made a Pusheen Cat cake the other day, this is how :)

You will need:
-your favourite cake recipe
-your favourite icing
- 4 tooth picks
- white fondant
-black food dye (and colours of your choice for mini cake)
-a cake board or plate
-rice krispies (optional)
-clean paint brush and water
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Step 1: Baking The Cakes

Picture of Baking The Cakes
For this, you can use your favorite cake batter. I used vanilla but what ever you like best will be perfect .
I had two different sized round, glass Tupperware containers that were oven safe. I used the larger one for Pusheen and the smaller one for his little cake. This will work with any size round pans you have. Though the bigger your pan, the more layers you will need to get Pusheen to have the right height proportions.
I made five "6 cakes and two "4.5 ones. Once baked and cooled, cut the rounded tops off.

Step 2: Pusheen's Body

Picture of Pusheen's Body
I stacked four of my larger cakes with cream cheese icing between each layer. I then trimmed off the top to make his head just a touch pointier. I used my last large cake to cut into filler for parts of his body that weren't quite fat enough. I cut the cake into half moons, then cut those again to wrap around the base of the cake tower. Any additional scrapes were used to stack on top of his head.

Step 3: Pusheen's Cake

Picture of Pusheen's Cake
Stack the two smaller cakes, again with icing between and cover the entire outside. I covered the cake with white fondant and the put blue on top to look like dripping frosting.

Step 4:

Picture of

Step 5: Stripes

Picture of Stripes
Pusheen has dark grey stripes on his body. I added extra black dye to my left over body coloured fondant to achieve the stripe colour. I rolled the fondant out thin and cut two large stripes for his back, four medium for his tail and three small for his head. You can use a clean paintbrush to brush on water that will secure Pusheen's stripes to his body.
NemJayG made it!2 months ago
It's checkerboard inside. The cake stacking didn't go so well as I don't believe in buttercream so he's a bit squat.
I love this! You have given me a great idea for an anniversary cake, since we both like Pusheen, so thanks for sharing! ^_^
soilwork1 year ago
AWESOME!! and cute :3
kumiko1 year ago
I was cruising along all the happy cuteness, and then the last photo came up so suddenly... What a huge shock.
michael631 year ago
Thats the best cake i have ever seen
tillylee1 year ago
it looks so cute!
mortipotimus (author) 1 year ago
thanks everyone! :) I really appreciate the kind words!
poofrabbit1 year ago
This is WONDERFUL!!! Well done!
schmiggles1 year ago
I love pusheen! Im deff going to make one. Thank you
Zabzab1 year ago
That s awesome!!! I want to make one =^_^=
Noures1 year ago
That's fantastic.I wonna do the same ones!!!!Thanks a lot