Picture of Put A 19in Tv And Game Console In Your Car
My family is planing a trip to yellow stone and it will be about 36 hours of driving round trip. So I made a mount for a 19in tv and a away to power the tv and my Xbox.

Step 1: Mounting The Tv

Picture of  Mounting The Tv
To mount the tv we got a metal bar laying in the yard.the bar must be about 7in extra from the out side of each handle that you use for getting in and out of the car.
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is there any reason you couldn't plug a rear view camera into the tv and have it work

all right so if you just put a internet router with it and put the internet cable in your console. BAM intstant internet

Mmm no lol
buggsy32 years ago
It is extremely difficult to be positive and constructive with my comments when I see something that has the potential to decapitate a person in a crash.

I am having a similar thought. This thing seems quite dangerous. Especially at high speed. It must swing quite a bit on acceleration and sudden deceleration. Decapitation holy sheite.

Bosun Rick1 year ago
If I'm not mistaken, most all Televisions actually operate on DC current; that's why you find a transformer inside them. A friend lived in a camper that was "off the grid" before it was fashionable, or even thought of by most people. He converted his stereo, reel to reel tape sound system & TV to operate on 12VDC simply by wiring around the transformers to 12VDC instead of 110VAC. (Yes, he did have to charge the batteries, but when AC power went off, it didn't affect his listening or viewing pleasure). check the schematics of your equipment, I bet it can be done even with teh newer products of today.
then wouldn't the rear view mirror be useless?
Mr.staton1 year ago
I installed a projector and home made screen co.structured out of pvc pipe frame and a white bed sheet in my Envoy xl, but I'm worried about how visable and distracting it is to other drivers because it's a 4 ft screen . Do you think it's illegal. Ican't find anything online other than the driver can't be able to see it. It's clearly visable from every window
poofrabbit1 year ago
Hey congratulations on being a finalist in the weekend projects contest!
espdp22 years ago
Here's a couple of concerns that I haven't seen mentioned.

1. Is that a (expensive) true sine wave power inverter? Some electronics can be very sensitive to the low quality power provided by the modified sine wave retail inverters, especially TV's and computers/game consoles. If you notice ANY image quality issues that you don't see when it's plugged in at home, take them as a warning that you may be about to fry something.

2. Headphones? ;-)

Otherwise, congratulations on a cool entertainment build with your Dad! I'm sure you had a good time putting this together with him, and I hope it has helped you cover the miles.
codydean2 years ago
i did it with a 40 inch and a ps3 before i saw this.
atvideaguy2 years ago
it would be safer to put a ps3 in it because the xbox has problems when the console moves.
twopint2 years ago
That's true, and you could download your game onto your xbox also if you have to. But hay great idea!!! I might just make it myself :)
Rather than an Xbox which has documented issues with scratching discs when the console is moved, is there not a different console you could use? If I were to do this, I would seriously consider using something like an OUYA or an Android Stick to plug in to the TV HDMI - no scratched discs!
mfrontuto2 years ago
cool Idea! I think if you use a newer laptop and mount to game to the hard drive you should have no problems, if the HD is a solid state hd you will be even better. Most games that come out these days are multiplatform. but I am a XBox 360 fan like yourself. Cool instructable!
azharbass2 years ago
@knex.gun.builder and @twopint. I understand your concerns with the disc scratching issues that Xbox has, but if you load your games on your HDD, the console only spins the disk at the load sequence to verify that the saved game is the same copy as the disk in the console. So as long as they start the game on a relatively smooth section of the road, they should be fine. HDD's can take quite a few shocks before they fail.
@rochassassin My only suggestion is that you mount the console upright as you are more likely to experience vertical bumps than horizontal ones, and so cause less strain on your spinning parts inside your console.

Ps. I f you don't have a HDD, then good luck on maintaining the condition of your disks!
caitlinsdad2 years ago
What does the driver think of the rig while on the road? That creates a huge blindspot for a normal passenger car and nighttime reflections from the screen inside the cabin would be distracting in your peripheral vision.
The blindspot is taken care of the fact that there is 2 mirrors aready. One on the drivers door and one on the passengers door. Truck drivers do it all day and night long with out a center mirror.
I do not know if the driver has a commercial license, trained to use only the side mirrors, or even cares what is behind him. The fact that someone who may replicate this instructable should be forewarned of the possible, if remote, danger to himself or others. I strongly support the Darwin Awards but only comment in the interest of Making, so be it. So, are you licensed to drive or have many hours on the road?
Cephus2 years ago
You don't expect that you'll need your rear-view mirror during this trip?
tdeschep Cephus2 years ago
You need two ways to see behind you when driving. One drivers mirror and one center or passengers side mirror. Since this van already has a passenger side mirror the center is not needed. Take a look at any truck on the the road.
twopint2 years ago
Wouldn't the xbox disk you are playing get destroyed if you hit a bump or even turn. I destroyed one of my disks just by moving my console upright. Maybe you figured that part out, or maybe not?
Mounting the xbox vertically will reduce the chances of damaging the disks when they're playing. The laser may skip, but it shouldn't bounce against the disk.
drpndrag2 years ago
Always make sure you have a fuse block or in-line fuse on the wire your running to the battery. Without a fuse, any short and you could have an electrical fire. Keep the fuse ~18" from the battery.
hsteinbe2 years ago
just replace the original rear view mirror with another screen hooked up to a camera looking out the back of the car.
Michael 512 years ago
Hate to be a kill joy here, but as a volunteer fireman that works wrecks in the part of the world you are going to visit. What you have created is a pre-staged piece of flying debris.
Maybe think about positioning it closer to floor or going with smaller size ones on back of seats. While cool concept, All I see is major head trauma here for Both front seat and rear seat passengers.

gratsoy2 years ago
Double check the amperage that your inverter is using. That wire gauge is more than enough for 300 watts (which you probably won't be drawing anyways), but according to AWG tables, 12 gauge is only capable of standing 41 amps for chassis wiring and a maximum of 9.3 amps for power transmission.

The 41 amps rating is assuming that the wires are exposed to air with a lot of room to cool and lose heat, the 9.3 is in regards to the wires being ran in a loon or in situations where they might be under carpet or areas with not optimal heat distribution.
annieannie2 years ago
I LOVE this idea!!! I am always trying to find ways to enjoy movies on bigger screens then what came in my Suburban. I have two little tiny screens in the back two rows which are hard to see. So, THUMBS UP to you :)
rlg542 years ago
Nicely done, all the negative comments are to be expected, as they did not think of it. All you have to do is look at all the cars that have tv sets in the headrests, custom cars, vans, buses, they all have them. But you have really made it easy for the common person to have. Again Great job, keep up the good work. And just over look the bad comments. Nicely done.
Lforador2 years ago
Really cool idea but would be hard to see out mirror and Xbox game could be ruined
ahill122 years ago
I have used an Xbox in car trips with no issues. The lack of rear view would drive me nuts. Only other thing is you should have a fuse on your wire at the battery. I know the inverter has one, but if you get a short between the inverter and battery your going to have major issues.
tvengineer2 years ago
I expected to see the comments about the rear view mirror... In most places the law says that you need TWO rear view mirrors... the two outside side mirrors are enough... think about it.. trucks and work vans don't have a center rear view mirror.
Finally someone makes this. Okay how did you calculate the power reqts? Ant idea how it would affect the car battery.
DustySeven72 years ago
Just so you know, the mounting holes on monitors and TVs are called Vesa mounts. Its a standard to make it easier on consumers
inb4 accidents while driving in reverse.
Last time i checked most vans don't have a rear view mirror so i think as long as the driver is able to drive safely without it i think it will be ok. Not too sure on the legality of it though. Depends on your countries legislation tbh.
Take a look over the top edge of the monitor. This van has one.
Wantashi Na2 years ago
very cool nicely done, keep up the great work
It's a great idea in theory but it just doesn't seem practical. Previous users have mentioned the Xbox disc movement issue. Another problem that could arise is the TV will be experiencing a lot of vibration the way its attached to the mount. If I were you I would add more rubber in between the TV mount and the bar that holds it up. Great idea though just needs a few modifications!
That's because the power supply only give 300wats. Quite low for Xbox ...
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