Put a 19in Tv and Game Console in Your Car





Introduction: Put a 19in Tv and Game Console in Your Car

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My family is planing a trip to yellow stone and it will be about 36 hours of driving round trip. So I made a mount for a 19in tv and a away to power the tv and my Xbox.

Step 1: Mounting the Tv

To mount the tv we got a metal bar laying in the yard.the bar must be about 7in extra from the out side of each handle that you use for getting in and out of the car.

Step 2: Flattening the Bars Ends

When flattening the ends we used a sledge hammer, make sure you take your time and do it even. Get it as flat as you can it will be hard to bend if you don't.

Step 3: Bend the Bar

Bend the bar around something about the same diameter as the handles in your car, we used a 2in aluminum pipe.

Step 4: Test Fit

We put some foam so the handle didn't get cut and messed up. Than you should be able to bend it over the handles with your hands.

Step 5: Look at the Screw Pattern

My TVs screws were 3in by 3in apart.

Step 6: Something to Screw the Tv on To

For the part the tv hooks to we used some square tubing from a chair that was missing parts.

Step 7: Getting the Part Off the Chair

Grind the heads off the pens and the part should just slide off.

Step 8: Hooking the Square Tube to the Main Bar

Put the extra from the main bar on the square tube mark it and than cut it with your grinder.

Step 9: Drilling a Hole in the Square Tube

Drill a hole in the square tube but not you metal bar yet, and snap it on so you can make sure it fits .

Step 10: Drill the Holes Your Tv Will Screw in to

Have someone hold the tv up to. The middle of the bar and how high you want the tv, than you mark the holes that your going to screw the tv to.

Step 11: Screwing the Square Tubes to the Tv

Put a piece of rubber to put in between the tv and square tube. Get 4 bolts and lock washers we went to miners they have a good amount of hardware.you also need to drill holes on the main metal bar and bolt the square tubes to it.

Step 12: Power

Add up the wattage of your tv and what ever you will hook to it, in my case the Xbox is 145 and the tv is 45 so That's 190. You will need a inverter that's higher than that number. If your wattage is more then 80 witch it probably is, you will need to run a plug with big wires like you would for a car stereo amp, this is because a average lighter plug has small wires that can only handle 80watts and your inverter will shut off if you are running more than 80watts.

Step 13: Make a Plug

We used about 12 gauge wire and it runs the inverter just fine, I put a small hole in a rubber plug that go's behind the center console so you open the center console and plug the inverter in.

Step 14: Stop the Tv From Shaking.

When testing the set up the TV shook a little bite,so I cut a piece of PCV and put it under the metal pipe.After that the TV was rock solid.

Step 15: Done

It takes about 15mins to set up and runs movies video games and even Netflix if you have a hot spot on your phone or something.it took me and my dad a weekend to complete we could of finish in a day but we were doing other stuff to.

Step 16: Back From the Trip

Well we got back from the trip,we drove a total of 3000mile which is about 50hours of driving. We probably played games and watched movies about 20hour. There was never a problem while driving, even when driving from the desert at 75mile per hour with the ac on.The only thing you have to think about is if you turn off the car to get gas or some thing,you will need to pause the game and turn off the tv . Otherwise when you start the car some times your xbox will shut off.



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I'm adding a similar set up for my road trip. 19" tv and PS3. For the day or two use, is the battery connection necessary? If so, what do I do with the end that is not connected to the battery?


It's a great idea in theory but it just doesn't seem practical. Previous users have mentioned the Xbox disc movement issue. Another problem that could arise is the TV will be experiencing a lot of vibration the way its attached to the mount. If I were you I would add more rubber in between the TV mount and the bar that holds it up. Great idea though just needs a few modifications!

That's because the power supply only give 300wats. Quite low for Xbox ...

A Xbox doesn't nearly use 300 Watts. Not _nearly_ that much.

Actually it uses just shy of 225 watts... It requires 100 volts to power the Xbox 360 and Xbox one and 300 watts would give off around and 150V AC so yes it uses that much.

Correction. It only requires 12 volts DC. The AC adapter takes 120 volts AC and rectifies it to 12 volts DC. It draws 10.83 amps at full draw. So given that VxA=Watts, this means that it would draw approximately 130 watts at max draw.

Correction. It only requires 12 volts DC. The AC adapter takes 120 volts AC and rectifies it to 12 volts DC. It draws 10.83 amps at full draw. So given that VxA=Watts, this means that it would draw approximately 130 watts at max draw.

Finally someone makes this. Okay how did you calculate the power reqts? Ant idea how it would affect the car battery.

Calculating the power usage is easy. Just multiply the voltage with the amperage (is that a word?). Car batteries are not made for constant power delivery, instead, they are made to deliver a lot of power in short bursts. So it would affect the battery's lifespan, just not so much.