Today I will be showing something very interesting especially for those who love flying their quadcopters and doing aerial photography.

THE 3D PRINTED PROP GUARD!......Can also be laser cut

So What is a prop guard??

A Prop guard is something very innovative in a way it protects your quadcopter or your propellers. Removing the risk of hitting someone or something outside or indoors. It is also a cheap accessory that can be printed or cut. I you are aware Of the AR drone it also has prop guards, now what makes it special? Well its because of the hull one for indoor and another for outdoors. It makes things dynamic for the quad right?

Ok so why did i decide to make one?

The dangers of flying a QuadCopter or any other multirotors

First of all flying quadcopters indoor is really dangerous because of the propellers. Hitting someone in the public may cause you serious charges and not only that but you risk destroying your expensive propellers. I know this will come very handy for most aerial photographers out there and If you think prop guards are heavy well think again 4 prop guards only weight aprox. 100g! and that does not really affect your flight does it.

Me as a student Hobbyist

I dont really go out to find some big fields because I have a big house perfect for my quad and a big back yard so why go outside right. I know all parents wont allow their son flying their quadcopters indoor right? So I designed this propguard so that I can play my DJIF450 inside the house or just in my room. And surprisingly when the prop guard arrived from the printing service my parents allowed me and supported me in selling it locally here in the philippines.So to help me mass produce this product here in the Philippines I decided to risk sharing it online to enter this Gadget/Accessorie hacking contest so plss vote/subscribe and hit favorite.

This project was made with the USE of 123D Design

If you have any question or special request PM me I already have tons of prop guard designs

VIDEO Coming soon slow upload here internet problems.....

Step 1: Where to Start?

So to start off you need to remove one of the arms of your quadcopter including the motors mounted.

In the picture I am using a broken motor and a broken DFJI F450 Arm.........

<p>Is the stl. file availbale the right size for F450</p>
<p>hey guys i really like this page but besides this page i found this app that helps you build your own drone in one day check it out https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wDIY250QBuild</p>
<p>Hi, do you have file for SK450 from hobbyking and Lishitoys L6052 for instance?<br>really appreciated<br>thansk</p>
<p>Its perfect. Will you share this .STL file for F450? You will save my time and propellers, too. Thanks</p>
<p>Do you have the F450 file for Google Sketup?</p>
<p>You can use this plugin https://extensions.sketchup.com/en/content/sketchup-stl to import stl files into SketchUp</p>
<p>ok uploaded going test out my 3rd version </p>
<p>Hi. You have done a great job.I want a design for my quad <a href="http://emaxmodel.com/views.asp?hw_id=1420" rel="nofollow">http://emaxmodel.com/views.asp?hw_id=1420</a></p><p>Its a 450 size quad. I am planning to use a 10*4.7 prop on <a href="http://www.rcsunnysky.com/html/2014/xseries_0916/11.html" rel="nofollow">http://www.rcsunnysky.com/html/2014/xseries_0916/1...</a> motors.</p><p>Please help me find a suitable prop guard design so that i can get it 3d printed.</p><p>I tried to make my own design with your suggestion, but couldnt do it.</p><p>Please help me.</p><p>Thanks.</p><p>Regards.</p><p>Krishna.</p>
<p>Hi Tyres,</p><p>This is really great. I just remade it for a customer based on the description above and extended it for slightly longer propellers. I would just like to mention that the downloadable .stl is a little different from the one made by the description (the M3 screw holes are positioned opposite way round ...which we found out was correct in the description but incorrect in the .stl for the drone here). Also the angles are a bit different (10 and 70 degrees). Just to let you know.</p><p>Norma</p>
<p>These can be printed using 3DHubs.com and not need the printer.</p>
<p>A great idea but not having access to hi-tech gear means not everyone can do this. For those less fortunate souls who can't access laser cutters and the like, I use a hot wire cutter I bought to make model parts from styro foam with. I cut up some guards for my 'copter using packing foam and this cutter. In fact I'vecut an entire framework for it. Not as elegant as these guards shown here but they cost nothing and are easily replaced. When I get organised in my retirement I'll post some pics of some of the useful stuff I've made. I'd love a laser cutter incidentally... Anyone got a spare one they don't need?</p>
<p>Instead of physical bumpers, why not put four ultrasonic proximity sensors (eg PING sensors) around the unit and program the controller to slow down and automatically stop if you find yourself flying towards an object? (I don't know if this is something that is already done in quads but it seems like it could easily be added)</p><p>Graham</p>
<p>OK, <a rel="nofollow">I googled that and it has been done</a>.</p>
<p>Helpful tip for shortening bolts (or threaded rod)...<br>Wind a nut fully onto the bolt before shearing / sawing / filing the bolt shaft.<br>Then afterwards the process of unwinding the nut helps to straighten out and shape any burrs on the the remaining thread.</p><p>HTH</p>
<p>100 grams is a lot.</p>
<p>ummm- your &quot;100 grams&quot; roughly translates to almost 1/4 Lb which is a lot of extra unnecessary weight , &amp; yes that will affect flight time substantially. Your 450 size multirotor need every bit of extra weight for a GoPro</p>
<p>umm it did not really affect the flight time though still at 17min flight time planning to change my battery and prop to get 30 min flight, my friends use 10&quot; prop and 3S while im using 8&quot; 4s battery not really the best combo since this was actually my first quad. </p>
<p>is it strong enough that you could save some weight by removing the middle support? </p><p>Have you noticed any problems with things that are thin enough to go between the guards (branches, arms, necks) getting caught in there by the blades?</p>
<p>since this is an old upload i am now at V4 wherein it will looks kinda the same with the original DJI phantom prop guard with some nylon string surrounding it to avoid things going in between. So yeah there were no problems at all for the weight it can actually be lessen depends on the print setting the 100g i had was set to 50% infill some of my friends tested it in 20-30% they said it was pretty much thesame and cheaper to print. </p>
R u a RC enthusiast like me?
<p>yes! onroad offroad and air its my main hobby siding with pure electronics </p>
<p>what controller board are you using in your quad?</p>
<p>Awesome, very well explained!! :)</p>
<p>thank you</p>
<p>Now I want a copter :D</p>
<p>yes get one or build one ..but still building one is very rewarding once you make it fly </p>
<p>I definitely agree with that, and there's the added advantage that if anything breaks you know how to fix it without having to send it off for repairs.</p>
<p>Is it possible to use a torque driver instead an ordinary one? </p>
<p>if its for bolting things up sure why not </p>

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