Picture of Quanto Dynamic Lamp
So Here is my project "Quanto Dynamic Lamp"

A voice controlled "Dynamic Lamp" which is powered by Arduino

This was my High school project.

My Objective was to show that we can easily control hardware using speech recognition to do what we want Speech recognition as you know has wide variety of applications in military , healthcare etc.

This project combines power of .net to open source hardware(Arduino)

In my tutorial I have uploaded images that correspond to steps that i create , I have also included images of my software (front end)

Where Did I get The Inspiration from ?

Well, I always loved Led's and always wanted to somehow control them using a computer ever since i was very young, When i learned Programming appreciably (Visual Basic .net) and tried playing with speech recognition I decided its time to give it a try, I decided to make my first hardware related project I choose the easiest and most popular platform that is Arduino .

The Instructables which really inspired me for this was

Where did i Create this ?

I made this at my home , In my computer I have Visual Basic 2010 express installed which i used for programming , I used Arduino for the first time it was very easy to use and learn.

What did I learn ?

Well , to be honest I learned that a lot can be done using speech recognition and Arduino and there are still so many ideas striking my mind which i can hopefully try to implement in the near future.


1. Lamp Fading
2. Lamp Blinking
3. Change Lamp color to any RGB code
4. Random Colors
5. Change Lamp color by parameters such as
   Incoming email
    Network Availability
    Battery Low Notification

6. Lamp LOG / Lamp History
7. Change Lamp color By your speech (Speech Recognition)
8. Computer Voice Reply
9. Change Lamp light according to pixel detection from an image file
10. Control Lamp Brightness
11. Email Lamp History Report

Material Required

1. A RGB Led (common cathode or common anode)
2. A glass container
3. Gel Wax
4. 3 resistors(220 ohms are the one which i used)
5. Visual Basic 2010 express (its free to download)
6. Arduino Board (I used Arduino Leonardo)
7. Arduino Software ( free can be downloaded from their official site

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saurabhorange (author)  FuzzyBearGeek1 year ago
Thanks If you would like to contribute then you might consider making something like this and you can take advantage of the software thats already been written
ashukla71 year ago
Very nice and for it..................!!!!!!!!!!