I built a teardrop trailer ( https://www.instructables.com/id/Teardrop-Trailer/... not mine but to give the idea) in 2011, this year my wife and I camped in it for a couple nights for our anniversary. While the trailer was great and allowed us to sleep peacefully and dry through 1" of rain dropped by a thunderstorm (try that in a tent) I still had to bring our changing tent as we didn't have a place to stand up for changing. Thanks to camping mid week we didn't have any real close neighbors at the campground, so the short step from the trailer door to the changing tent was no big deal, but if the spaces around us had been full, getting to the changing tent would have been a pain.
I had this idea in my mind but didn't have time to construct it before our trip, from now on we will both have a changing room outside our doors. if the weather is rainy I figure a golf umbrella over the ring would keep us dry.

4/15 Since this I'ble was written we have gone on many trips, the side tents are great! they almost double the private space of the tear, allow us to sit in the open door and get changed, just like the bed at home. We also use them as a potty tent, and have showered inside them as well.

Step 1: What You Will Need

here is what I used to make one side
10 foot 3/4" EMT electrical metal conduit
conduit bender
drill and bits
small screws
tape measure
two ring-less cloth shower curtains, any shower curtain will work, but the ringless give privacy even above the hanger rod, a regular shower curtain hangs an inch or two below the rod. shower curtains were chosen as they are meant to get wet without trouble and are designed to give privacy.
flat aluminum stock
two stainless bow eyes (big U-bolts for attaching the bow rope to a boat) I got mine at Lowe's, a steel U bolt would work also but could leave rust stains, my bow eyes are rated for 6,000 lbs each, I should be able to lift the trailer by them!
a heavy rubber floor or welcome mat to stand on, something that will allow water and dirt to fall through easily . My store bought shower-tent floor tends to pool the water even with "drains' in it, a thick rubber mat with plenty of holes is more comfortable to stand on and dries quickly.

<p>Nice addition. I did something similar with my teardrop. However, I modified a privacy tent and then attached it to the trailer using suction cups. It works pretty well. Strong winds can be a bit of an issue but I am working on a solution for that now. </p><p>Have a write up and video on my blog here:</p><p><a href="http://cre8tiveapps.blogspot.com/2015/04/doubling-teardrop-floorplan.html" rel="nofollow">http://cre8tiveapps.blogspot.com/2015/04/doubling-...</a></p>
<p>Here's an idea for you-<br>I invested in one of these, a &quot;jimmy's thunderbox&quot; which is a folding toilet seat that is strong &amp; sturdy. Ideal for us aging (XXL+) campers who can no longer squat to go &quot;potty&quot;!!!</p><p><a href="http://www.2daloo.com/thunderbox.html" rel="nofollow">http://www.2daloo.com/thunderbox.html</a></p>
I was looking for a way to install a curtain around a NextBed wall bed when I spotted your post. It worked out really well. Thanks so much.
is that a fold up bed? cool space saving idea! glad this I'ble helped.
<p>Yep, it's a fold-up bed. Attaches only to the floor. Search NextBed. </p>
Great add on to your tear drop. I enjoyed reading that ible also. This would also be great to &quot;hide&quot; a small portable toilet if you don't want long walks at night to the restrooms. <br>Great job.
my wife didn't like the hike through dark woods to the bathrooms at night, working on a plan to fix that...
Couldnt u just get 2 potties, w lids of course, then u could use them to sit on while showering or dressing. In the daytime just move them off to the side so they aren't blocking the path to the door.
<p>for changing we leave the tear door open and sit on the bed, just like at home.</p>
<p>I could have two, but I don't mind walking to the other side. I enjoy the walk in the dark, and sometimes walk up to the bathrooms, just to enjoy the dark camp ground.</p>
A Flashlight?
we both had nice headlamps, it was the distance she didn't like :)
www.sportsmansguide.com has several nicely priced alternatives for toilets. Perhaps you can find something there for the wife. Can't say I blame her...lol.
What a great idea! Good job
I have thought of doing this every time I go camping! I was going to use PVC and have it so I can dismantle it and store in an old tent bag. You gave me some great ideas, thanks!
My question is, where do you store it when moving about? It's kind of an odd shape. <br> <br>Any plans to make it foldable?
on the last page in the I'ble is a picture of the rings stowed on the bed, the hump in the middle is the air conditioner, since there is plenty of room inside they ride there. When we get to the campsite we just set up what we need and put the rest in the car. I expect the rings will be the first thing we set up and the last to come down on future trips. when prepping to leave, I grab the top of the mattress topper and roll it up until it is under the shelf (about knee level lying down) leaving my packing foam mattress to store wet/dirty/bulky items on.<br> My first idea was a ring that was attached to the top of the trailer on hinges. when stowed for travel it would go all the way down under the door and clip in place, I gave up on the idea due to the different heights of the anchor points, and the rather ugly loop being out there all the time. It also would have needed a prop rod of some sort, all of which goes against the lighter cheaper idea of my tear build. <br> at least two other people on tnttt.com have slide-out rings. one with holes in his sidewall and another with a roof rack that the ring slides into. the first design makes me wonder how water proof it is, the second would cause air resistance all the time, and detract from the look of the trailer IMO.<br> A sectioned design using pins at each corner would work but is not what I need, and may not be as strong.<br>
Nice addition to a cool camper. I grew up on the Barnaget Bay in NJ, fishing swimming going to the ocean etc, Gpa had an outdoor shower behind the house (with a small open to the sky privacy room) he used fishing swivels and snaps to attach fishing weights to the bottom of the curtain to stop its blowing in the wind. Another idea might be velcro patches on the curtain and camper sides. <br>

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