Quilted Drink Coasters





Introduction: Quilted Drink Coasters

In this episode of the Crafty Gemini Show I teach you some quilting basics and make a small project out of what you learn. I cover some quilting terminology, what is a pieced quilt, what are quilt blocks, how to make half-square triangle block units using a super easy method where you can make two blocks at once. I also show you how to take two half-square triangle block units and a piece of batting and turn it into a fabric coaster! These pieced fabric coasters are a great beginner project whether you are learning how to sew or learning how to quilt. Anyone can make these. Happy sewing!



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    Thanks for another great tutorial, Vanessa! You always explain everything you do extremely well and make quilting fun for all ;)


    VERY nice tutorial!!! i LOVE the way you explain everything in great detail!! Not too much detail to bore someone, but just enough to explain what you're doing and why! thank you for your patience w/those of us who may not be as experienced a seamstress as others! very good!!!!