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Hi everybody! I am Density and I am 14 years old. I am a big fan of instructables and Star Wars so this time I will show you how to make a R2-D2 bicycle and skateboard helmet. You can change the colour of the paint to make the helmet look like R2-M5 or R2-D5. I suggest you read through the instructable before you begin so you can see what to do and get a better understanding. I hope the instructions are simple and easy to understand. Enjoy and have fun.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

These are the materials you will need to make the R2-D2 helmet:
- Bicycle or skateboard helmet
- Blue spray paint
- White spray paint
- Silver or light gray spray paint
- Masking tape
- Sandpaper or file
- Cloth
- Black permanent marker

Step 2: Designs

Picture of Designs

These are some of the designs that I used to make the 360 degree head of R2-D2. I had to stitch some images together to form the head.

Step 3: Sanding the Helmet

Picture of Sanding the Helmet

Before you begin, if you can, remove the inside of the helmet so the paint does not dissolve it. Using the sand paper or file, go over the helmet so you can remove its smooth and polished surface. This will allow the paint to stay on the helmet instead of it rubbing off. It would look something like image 3.

Step 4: Base

Picture of Base

Using the white spray paint, coat the helmet. This is the base paint cover. When it dries you can paint a second layer over the first.

Step 5: Silver

Picture of Silver

Using the silver spray paint, paint over the base colour. When it dries you can add a second coat of silver.

Step 6: Top

Picture of Top

Now that we have the main base colour, it is time to add his features. This is the top of the helmet.
Make a circle with the radius of about 3cm.
Then make a bigger circle around it with the radius of about 4cm.
Then add another circle with the radius of around 7cm.
Add a rectangle that is around 1cm in width between the second and third circle. Add another 5 rectangles evenly around the circles. Use the PDF file as a template. Cut out all of the black parts in image 1. It would look like image 2.
Place prestic around the circle so it can stick to the helmet (image 3). Stick it on the top of the helmet. Using the blue spray paint, spray over the page. When it dries you must remove the paper with the prestic. It would look like image 7.

Step 7: Bottom Line

Picture of Bottom Line

Put some masking tape all along the helmet (about 1.5cm from the bottom). Using the blue spray paint, spray around the whole helmet below the masking tape line (image 3). Once the paint dries, peel the masking tape off.

Step 8: Patterns

Picture of Patterns

This step is one of the most important steps. Wrap some masking tape around the whole helmet so that the top side is about 1.5 cm above the blue bottom line (image 1).
Cut out all the pieces of the patterns. You can also cut out 2 circles the size of a glue stick. Use the PDF file as a template.
Stick them around the helmet with prestic like images 3-8. You can follow the designs I made or you can make up your own positioning and orientation of the patterns.

Step 9: Masking

Picture of Masking

Once the pattern is stuck on the helmet with prestic, put masking tape around the helmet so that it is at the top of the pattern. NOTICE how you put the masking tape in image 2. Follow the top of the pattern. When the pattern goes lower, put some masking tape lower.
Then cut pieces of masking tape so that they can fit in between each pattern (images 3-6). Make sure the masking tape is properly put on so that there is no air space for paint to go in.

Step 10: Removing Pattern Papers

Picture of Removing Pattern Papers

Once all the masking tape is placed properly, remove the pattern paper. Add some masking tape to places where it must remain silver (image 1-2). Remove the circles as well because they remain silver.

Step 11: Painting Patterns

Picture of Painting Patterns

Spray over the place where you removed the pattern papers. Be careful not to paint above the top masking tape. To make sure, you can add an extra layer of masking tape above it. Once the paint dries, remove the masking tape. You should be left with rectangles that are the pattern on R2-D2. Remove the small pieces of tape you put on the previous step. They would look like image 3 and 4.

Step 12: Eye

Picture of Eye

Place the masking tape above front rectangles of the helmet. This will be the eye. Make the side tape go inwards a little to form a trapezium. NOTICE the shape of the eye in image 3. Add a little rectangle on the right side of the eye by cutting it into the masking tape. Spray over the eye with blue spray paint. Once it dries, remove the masking tape. Using the permanent marker, make a big circle to form the lens of the eye. Separate the rectangle on the side with a line. Your eye would look like image 5.

Step 13: Outlining

Picture of Outlining

Using the permanent marker, outline all the rectangles and shapes.

Step 14: Details

Picture of Details

Add some details to make him look more authentic.

Step 15: Finished Helmet

Picture of Finished Helmet

This is the finished R2-D2 helmet. Thank you for taking time out to check out my instructable. I hope it was easy to understand and that it was fun.  Think of other designs you can make and please comment on what you think and how I can improve it. Also, please check out my Lego USB at:
and my star wars Lego at:
and my first Lego car creation at:

Thank you very much and enjoy.


SWV1787 (author)2014-11-13

I used your Instructable as a guide to freehand my hardhat. I also used a blindspot mirror painted black for the main "Eye" lens.

gonzalorojoaguirre (author)2013-09-05


MakersBox (author)2012-09-16

Most awsome! Need a picture of you wearing it! Great job.

Density (author)MakersBox2012-09-16

Thank you for your support. I will see what i can do about the picture :)

Density (author)Density2012-11-18

I put up a picture of me wearing the the helmet.

Domoreto (author)Density2012-11-18

looking cool

peskypesky (author)MakersBox2012-09-16

yeah, we should see a photo of you with the helmet on.

mdlmusic (author)2012-11-05

The helmet looks great. I have a silver skateboarder's helmet that I got from the thrift store for $4 that I wear when riding my bike. I got some acrylic paint from Wal-Mart and used your pattern to make my own R2D2 helmet. I was too lazy to do all the template making and masking, so I just drew the designs on with a black magic marker and filled in with the proper paints.

I get lots of comments, especially from the high school kids when I ride past the school. Most of them are of the "Hey, cool helmet, dude!" variety. A few are unprintable.

010010001 (author)2012-09-23

thats awsome

Density (author)0100100012012-09-24

Thank you very much H1 ;)

esoolo (author)2012-09-16

The helmet does not seem very safe after all this sanding and contact with strong solvents. Better would be to use PVC-films instead of paint.

Density (author)esoolo2012-09-18

I tested the helmet and it is still strong. The sanding does not weaken the helmet because you take off less than 1mm from the top. This paint didn't dissolve or eat any of the helmet because it is not strong enough to pentrate the plastic. overall the helmet remains safe to use.
But you can also use PVC-films instead.

he who crashes often (author)2012-09-16

nice! you, sir, have achieved the rank of nerd, level over 9000. welcome to the club =P

AAHHH thanks alot... i wonder what my girlfriend will say about my new position =)

?!?!? gf?! you have just lost said position, you lucky poop.

hahah :)

The Reverend (author)2012-09-16


Fo55ilise (author)2012-09-16

Now I'm looking at my motorcycle crash helmet and thinking...

andregonzalez (author)2012-09-16

Custom! I think I might try it with some laser cutting to add to the texture

peskypesky (author)2012-09-16

nice work! It makes me glad to hear about a young Star Wars fan and its great to see a creative young mind at work...and sharing. Keep it up!

Density (author)peskypesky2012-09-16

Thank you very much. I will continue with my instructables and my ideas.

Kerblotto (author)2012-09-16

Great kid! Don't get cocky.

RoosterSocks (author)2012-09-16

Good looking!!! well done!!! I always wanted to make one of those big white motorcycle helmets look like Jack from Jack-in-the-Box

Density (author)RoosterSocks2012-09-16

Thank you for the support and that's a really good idea. Why don't you try it?

jongscx (author)2012-09-16

Great work on the helmet.

How is the paint holding up? They make spray paint that is specially formulated to bond to plastics, or at the very least, a plastic primer. Also, did you put a clear-coat on top of everything to protect it?

I would've also suggested you mask off the holes to keep the spray from going inside and eating at the foam.

Density (author)jongscx2012-09-16

Thank you for checking it out and for commenting. The paint is still holding up. I sandpapered the helmet so you can use different types of paint. I did this so it could come out cheaper beause the plastic spray paint from where I live costs much more than the other ones.
I also removed the foam inside before i started.

Thanks for the feedback. It is greatly appreciated.

Retro Correct (author)2012-09-15

Sweet helmet, love the movie accuracy!

Density (author)Retro Correct2012-09-16

Thank you very much! I love to create things on instructables.

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