RAM Money Clip




Introduction: RAM Money Clip

The RAM Money Clip is one of my favorite things that I ended up making for 62 Projects to Make with a Dead Computer (project #25, in case you were wondering). I use this pretty much every day to keep my cash and receipts nice and tidy in my pocket. What is particularly cool about this is that many RAM boards have contacts which are gold plated. In case you did not know, gold is highly conductive (more so than both copper and silver) and I imagine this is what makes it useful in manufacturing memory boards when reliable conductivity is essential. You can find these boards in very old computers. Often, they would only put chips on one side of the board and leave the other side of the board not soldered.

Making these are very simple, first you find the memory board. Then you remove the electronics from all sides. After that, simply cut it to size and solder it to the money clip. If you are interested in more detailed instructions or other similar projects, then you should pick a copy of my revolutionary new book 62 Projects to Make with a Dead Computer .



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