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Introduction: RC Helicopter Spy Cam Project - EASY

A simple project to add a cheap action camera to a low priced RC Helicopter. The model I used was the Apache 9088, there is a updated model available but the old model can be found! Lots of fun to see your neighbourhood for a altitude or capture your best stunt flying.



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    Just great

    I just got $15 helicopter could i add the camera?

    is there a way to make it so you can view live video from a computer like a wifi camera?

    Could this be applied to an rc car instead? I've got a top of the range 4wheel drive with a pretty fast 7.2volt motor so I think it can carry more weight

    yea, as long as you dont make it top heavy, you are good.

    Check out wireless streaming spy cameras on ebay. They run off of a 9volt battery and the picture quality is excellent at 1080x960 pixels. I bought one for my Bladerunner interceptor for only $10.00 usd.

    HAHah..... That's very cool !!!...but i don't want to do that bloody cutting steps...'cause it has maybe important wire parts... !! ahahaha... :)....
    I don't have even money to by that.... I'm from Philippines :))

    it would be really cool if it had live video so can you make one of those???plzzzzz???

    Here is the link for the wireless one I was thinking of. It uses a 9V battery and a 2.4GHz receiver I used video to usb stick with my laptop and had some great fun. Alternatively if you have some money the ARDrone is equipped with 2 cameras and it a quadrocopter which is much more steady than the one in the video. 

    Buy a mini surveillance cam and use that instead. Its lighter and cheaper than what he used.