Picture of RC Nerf Tank
My first ever Instructable, yay!

This was one of the more fun projects I've attempted and I'm fairly pleased with the results.

Most of the parts and skills used in this project are from my fighting robot hobby. It might seem like a complex project but anyone with basic handy-person skills and willing to do the research could build a similar machine.

Anyways I'll let the rest of the Instructable do the talking, enjoy!

Step 1: The Design

Picture of The Design
I'm not much of a computer aided design guy, I tend to get a picture in my head and go with that. I made a list of things I wanted the machine to include. Some made it and some didn't. You can also clearly see how good of an artist I am.
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TreyC1 month ago
Notes for 2.0
1. Sentry mode.
-A laser scan that shoots anything that moves
2. Tank tracks
3. 360° wheels for tight turns
4.Thermal camera
5. Input for other guns like the demolisher so you can shoot misses and darts or a vortex blaster.
I really like the idea you had of solar back up.
aaron01271 year ago
This is awsome
Suggestions for mark2 of the sentry: cattipiller tracks for mobility, airsoft or paintball gun, hydrolic system to aim up and down, portable remote with screen for when your in the battlefeild so you may control it under a critical circumstance. I hope this could help, I would really like to know if it does(I'm not a good builder but I got ideas ;D)
Could you combine this with the Nerf Sentry Gun (http://www.instructables.com/id/Nerf-Vulcan-Sentry-Gun/) to create a deployable sentry turret you could drive to a location and set up?
bohb2 years ago
Can you please post a parts list?
hunter11253 years ago
Does the nerf gun have a "sloppy" trigger (hard to pull back) or a "hair" trigger (easy to pull back)? I am trying to build an rc turret and use an airsoft gun with a relatively light trigger pull, but the servo I am using seems like it doesn't have as much power to pull back the trigger.
its a soft trigger ive used before and really easy depends what type of nerf gun ur useing?
travis7s (author)  hunter11253 years ago
I can't check because I sold the gun.

But I would say the Vulcan has more of a hair trigger when running on full auto battery mode. (since the trigger is just activating an electric switch) When you put the gun in manual mode its tougher because the trigger has to release a spring.

I was just using a standard Hitec servo which was rated at about 50oz-in of torque.

Try making the arm that pulls the trigger as short as possible, it will be able to transmit more force. For example, my servo can transmit 50oz-in, so if the arm was 2in long it would only transmit 25oz of force. (approx)
Ok thanks. I think I might need to find an electric gun because it can't pull back a spring that well.
weegee13xd3 years ago
How much would you charge for a complete system minus the computer and the sound system?
hobbitboy4 years ago
what nerf gun is that
travis7s (author)  hobbitboy4 years ago
A 'Vulcan'
m4a1sopmod5 years ago
where did u get that trigger mechisim and how much was it
travis7s (author)  m4a1sopmod5 years ago
Its an RC servo. It is a Hitec HS-311. You can get them at local RC hobby stores or at online places like servocity.com for $9.
what about home hardWARE
You can get 'em cheaper at hobbyking.com. Their cheapest one is about $2.
Great shipping prices too.
travis7s (author)  Jedrokivich4 years ago
The servo that activates the laser is actually from Hobby King, I just happened to have lots of the Hitec ones kicking around.
[corosive]4 years ago
why did you need the black box? was the camera wireless, or did you have to have it wired to something, and how was it powered?
travis7s (author)  [corosive]4 years ago
The camera itself is wireless, it runs off a 9v source. It transmits to the silver receiver box which is designed to plug into a TV to display the video. Most laptops don't have the RCA connectors that a TV has, so I needed the black box to convert the RCA input to USB.
could you actully hook the camera up to the tv cause it would make it alot cheaper for me
keeeneth3 years ago
hi do you think it would be possible to combine both a pan and tilt system for the gun?
Jedrokivich4 years ago
What is the range of your RC system?

Now, the big question: How fast does it go?
Its 50 rpm . in the first few steps he wrote that
i think he means how fast does it go forward....
urtlesquirt3 years ago
airsoft machine gun anyone?
etm344 years ago
im thinking about doing this using 2 brushless motors, but im having trouble figuring out what i could use, anyone have any ideas. will they have enough power?
travis7s (author)  etm344 years ago
I'd stick with brushed technology. Finding good reversible brushless controllers can be difficult and expensive.
not really..Hobbyking.com has some decent Brushless Speed controls... some are $100 or less

Hobbyking.com has brushless speed controller (esc) for a model airplane or helicopter for $20 or less
True, but they aren't big enough for a project this size...need more amperage....otherwise you'll just fry the ESC
GASSYPOOTS3 years ago
make it do a barrel roll
relay = 1.50
servo = 15.00
travis7s (author)  KarateLover213 years ago
Yes but how are you going to send the fire signal to the relay? The servo has circuitry to use the signal from the receiver. Also you get can servos for <$5 these days.
jcharbonnet4 years ago
what servo u use
sbracco4 years ago
You should've wired it to the gun. The servo was a good idea too though.
sub8934 years ago
can you use the vulcans tripod instead of the turret and mount it at 1 place?
pitla_james4 years ago
how do you control the tank,what did you use as a controller
deqwer4 years ago
at least you hide the switch inside or something just don't let your enemy found it so easy.
Chowmix124 years ago
Hell March FTW!
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